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Things that want to be fics, and would be were I not so tired:

1) For Edward Scissorhands, Kim-POV, the line, "She knows it's within his power to slice her head clean off, but the thought never even occurs", or similar.
2) For Moulin Rouge, random Christian/Satine-centric angstness, the line "she'd mumble 'I love you' in her broken English..." - because I love to assume that Christian is basically fluent in French, and that he'd randomly teach Satine bits of English...
3) The ending of the first episode of season 5 of Angel, when Spike is re-instated by the amulet, stares around at all the unfamiliar faces, spots Angel, vamps out, and goes straight for him before going through him.  It wants to be a fic, but as of yet I don't know exactly how to do it because I need to re-watch.
4) Come Forward (the Most Haunted-based novel thingy) in general, which I have the opening almost entirely thought out for... :)  Might attempt to start that tomorrow...
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