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Alton Towers!

So, today Vicky and I got up insanely early (well, 7.00am) to get the train to Uttoxeter, and a bus to Alton Towers.  Just because we can.  Though I'm going to be incredibly knackered by the end of the week, seeing as we're going out tomorrow night, I'm working Thursday and Friday, seeing Evanescence on Saturday, and doing the final Taizé on Sunday.  Guh.  Anyway.  Many many many photos under the cut, illustrating our journey...

So, we started by immediately spotting the new ride, Spinball Whizzer.  For those not in the know, it's a new rollercoaster that is meant to create the impression of being a pinball in a pinball machine: each car holds four people and spins around whilst following the tracks.  Very cool.  Some shots follow that I actually took as we were leaving, but anyway...

Spinball Whizzer

The track on its own, minus cars.
Very proud of that shot.  The car, as I said, spins throughout, so that bit's especially fun...
That's towards the end of the ride, I think.
With people, this time. ;)
The second of those interesting loops...
I'm running out of captions...
I don't think I could've managed that if I'd tried - the car's visible just behind the large plasticish structure...  You can also see the ride camera in the background...
That's the first loop from the other side.

So, Spinball Whizzer - fantastic ride, highly recommended.  We bought the ride photo for it, and I'll scan it later when my brain's functioning better.  After that, we wandered down to X-Sector, but before Oblivion beckoned, we went on the Black Hole.  You can't go to Alton Towers without going on that.  They've got rid of the amusing suspended astronaut at the top, however...  After that came Oblivion.  I'll put the photos that I took of that one later.  I frelling hate Oblivion.  I mean, okay, I love the vertical drop itself, but it's the only ride apart from Drayton Manor's Shockwave to actually make me scream, you get a face full of steam on the descent, and it's essentially pointless... Pointless, but kinda fun.  That was Vicky's choice, since she was determined to defeat it.  Another photo on that one which I shall also scan since I'm blatantly screaming my head off in it...

After that, in the same area, was Enterprise (little carriages that use the joys of centrifugal force to leave you dizzy as Hell - wonderful fun) and stumbled in a semi-straight line towards the new Submission.  It's frelling evil.  I swear.  If I was prone to nosebleeds, I'd have nosebled. I think I would have earbled.  I could feel the blood rushing to my head.  It suspends you upside down for, like, five seconds.  Evil.  EVIL, I TELL YOU!

*ahem*  Anyway, after that we went to HeX, which was somewhat marred by the obnoxious children we had to share it with.  It's basically a glorified version of the Haunted Swing from Blackpool, but it's very cleverly done.  Amazing what you can achieve just with gravity and the power of suggestion...

Onwards to Ug Land and the Corkscrew, the only redeeming feature of which is that it's so old and has to be appreciated. That one leaves you battered and bruised.  I think there's a photo for that, too.  And then we thought, hey, it's a nice hot day, let's get soaked!  And on to Katanga Canyon we traversed, taking random photos along the way:

Vicky on a wall over the river.
Me on the same wall.  Hey, I never said they were original...

I swear, the walk to Katanga Canyon from anywhere is ridiculously long...  So, first port of call was the Flume, which is no longer using logs, but bathtubs.  And as if the last drop didn't drench you enough (another photo of that, obviously), the shower at the end makes sure you don't leave dry.  Bastards. :P  After that was River Rapids, which was unfair in the extreme because I ended up going backwards down into a dip and thus got completely soaked...  The photo's interesting, since all four inhabitants of the tyre-thing are basically trying to avoid waterfalls from both sides...  After that was the Runaway Mine Train (more photos...) which went around three times instead of two because it wasn't that busy...

Oh, and incidentally, here's how soaked we got:


Vicky, soaked.
Me, soaked.

Next, on to the Forbidden Valley, taking in (and avoiding), the Haunted Mansion because it's horrible and evil and bad and wrong and I refuse to go anywhere near it...  Figuring we couldn't get much wetter, it was Ripsaw first.  I'd forgotten exactly how wet you get on that.  Fun, though. :D

Then - joy of all joys - my baby, Nemesis.  There are no words. I love Nemesis, and could probably live on it.  You know that bloke who sleeps, eats and drinks on the Big Dipper?  I could be him, but on Nemesis.  So, Vicky's first time (for most things, actually) and we decided - naturally - to go at the front.  You get the full force of the air hitting you at the front, plus the entire pull of gravity, and, of course, you can see where you're going.  Love Nemesis...  No photo of me, because we sat over the middle two seats and hence weren't on it together... I think there may be some photos of the actual ride, but they're on the disposable and I'll have them Friday...

After that was Air.  At the front.  We must be insane.  Worst bit is the being-turned-face-down bit, when you're basically staring at the ground.  Going down slopes headfirst is certainly interesting, quite relaxing going 'upside-down' because you're on your back, but it could do with a loop... ;)  Good ride, though.  I look terrified on the photo, as usual...

After that, Blade.  Which is basically the pirate ship.

Then, of course, Nemesis again, where we sat at the back.  It's faster at the back.  Weird knock-on effect of being pulled by gravity and four other cars in front of you also being pulled by gravity.  Great fun. :D  Alas, the photo happened to catch me right as I instinctively reached up for the handles (I never hold on with Nemesis) but at least I don't look terrified...

Finally, back to X-Sector for a final go on Oblivion, and to take some photos of it...

The Hole...
Vicky in front of it.  I was trying to get it as the drop happened, but couldn't time it right.
In action...
And again.
Taken from almost directly underneath.  There's a section of concrete in front of the Hole that says "DON'T LOOK DOWN", which is accessible, so we got down there for photos.  That's the bit where they make you hang before dropping.
And again, the beginning of the drop.
Once more.
So proud of that one.  Got it completely by accident... :D

We wandered exitwards after that, taking some photos of the scenery:

The Towers, near to HeX.
Closer version of same.
Different bit.

We had to wait a while for the bus, but it did, at least, turn up vaguely on time, which is more than can be said for the train from Uttoxeter. It was meant to appear at 18.10.  We got there at 18.05, and there were complications between us and Crewe (hey, that's familiar... that's where I nearly ended up :P) so it finally turned up at 19.00, by which point we were very hungry, hot, and bored.  Hence the following:

Random Uttoxeter photos
The eternally empty tracks...
The sky.  Yes, it's meant to be upside down. :P
Tracks in the other direction.
Interestingly riveted bit.
Far, far too hot...
More sky, with streetlamp.
Interestingly decaying wall...
The station shelter thing.  Now you can see why we preferred to sit on the floor.
Same again, the other way up.
Just to prove we were there.

Anyway, we finally got back here for 8.00, after searching unsuccessfully for food and finally conceding defeat and going to the chippy.  And that, dear friends, was our eventful day trip to Alton Towers.
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