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Okay, HTML geniuses.  I have a problem. (So what else is new?)

Why, when I put a table on my page, does it not obey the font size command in my style sheet?

See?  The smaller (body) text is the CSS-instructed Tahoma sized 8.5px; the larger, where the table starts (there are going to be two columns; I just haven't done the other one yet...) is still Tahoma, but, well, clearly not at size 8.5, and there's no HTML font size value equivalent, and I would quite like my tables to follow my CSS, so why are they not doing it??

*mutters*  Any suggestions?  Any idea how to fix it?  Anyone?

Edit at 18.31: Still haven't solved it. There doesn't seem to be any feasible reason why it's doing it, other than to infuriate me... I mean, surely tables are, y'know, as much a part of the body-bloody-text as everything else is? Gah, I don't know. Help from people better at this than me is muchly appreciated.

In any case, if there are any (new) people on my friends-list who haven't seen my site *cough*orsignedtheguestbook*, please do so. Those that have, it's got more pages. Woo.

...not done yet, oh, not yet, not yet...

Further edit at 21.06: Have fixed it. Was about to do as flatline2010 suggested, but then remembered how to implement CSS commands into general HTML... but in any case, I should probably set up table commands in the CSS for the long term... (No, it really didn't take me two and half hours. I disappeared to mess about with prettifying said content, and watched Eastenders...)
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