T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh


Well, I can honestly say that I am damn proud of that webpage...

Feedback would be very, very much appreciated, even though it's not all there yet.  I'm about to start HTMLing the stories themselves (oh, joy; I hate that part) but while I'm doing that, feel free to have a look, won't you?  I know I keep bugging people, but I need feedback, damn you!!

Go to my links page, click on the 'What' link, then on 'Fiction', and a new window should open up.  The 'Prose' link works, the others are currently still empty, and I'm just about to make a start on the stories, as I said.  Nevertheless, opinions?

*remembers to actually upload the damned thing before she posts this entry*

Image-heavy, but after it's loaded there shouldn't be a problem. Also works (as far as I know) in 800x600 res monitors, though may be completely tiny on anything higher than 1024x786...
Tags: website
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