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Okay, I give up.

I trotted down to Revolution again, assuming that Mary had simply gotten her days mixed up, and guess what?

Yup, there was nobody even remotely English-related there, except for one bloke, who was there with his girlfriend and clearly not the meetingness.

Which means that they're probably in one of the many other meeting-type places in Derby, and I don't particularly feel like wandering into every alcohol-selling institution in the city trying to find them.

I give up.

I tried. I showed an interest.  For a while, I was actually looking forward to it.  But with this kind of disorganisation, I just cannot be arsed.

And knowing my luck, none of my people-I-can-actually-talk-to would have turned up anyway, since most of them drive into Derby and don't live here during term time, and those that do only do so when they really have to...

Frell it.
Tags: annoyances: people
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