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Spending money I do not have on frivolous things...

Well, kind of.  In the first place, rachel2205, your CD is now in the post, and should be with you tomorrowish.  Let me know what you think of both it and the cover. :D

Secondly, I finally got around to buying that hat from the Karroo stall outside Sainsbury's that I've been eyeing for a while.  Not that I need a hat, per se, but I don't really have many functional hats, and this one... it's just nice.

Yes, I do realise I don't look too happy about it. But it's bad enough posing for a photo when someone else takes it of you, let alone when you're trying to take one of yourself... Bah.

Thirdly, whilst I was there, I bought a rather fabulous bag.  I have lots of novely creature/character bags, but no functional shoulder bags (or, at least, none I'd want to be seen in public in, since my one functional shoulder bag is sort of falling apart), so I bought The Most Fabulous Bag In The Entire World, dahling.

Breakfast At Tiffany's, dude! Now, I just need a Sunset Boulevard bag to go with it, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.  I saw a girl with a Rhett Butler/Scarlett O'Hara bag the other day, but Holly Golightly is a fair substitute, and my movie geek is pleased with it.

Then I got roped into doing some market research.  On a touch-screen laptop, no less.  And they gave me not one, but two free pens.  Anyone think they're not making their quota?

So, yes.  Nothing much to report, really.  I still have that damned gallery to make a start on...

But before I do: in regards to rachel2205's recent post, here is a list of what other frivolous things I would spend money on, if I had money to spend:

~ ridiculously expensive and impractical shoes from Shelley's
~ more hats!
~ pretty goth dresses from Anna Bee and various websites
~ all the Nightmare Before Christmas and Oyster Boy merchandise in the entire world!!!!
~ random geekness for various obsessions
~ a fedora, a mask, and a black cape, and box five in the Palais Garnier, just to terrify people ;)
~ all the tattoos I want, and more
~ hair extensions, or someone to straighten my hair every morning if I grow it out
~ personal trainer (I need someone to kick me up the arse and make me exercise)
~ lots and lots and lots of stationery.
~ yearly trips to Euro Disney, and lots of proper merchandise when I got there
~ West End show tickets
~ corsetry
~ fabric from the side streets around Monmatre/Sacre Coeur (so much fabric... so much wondrous fabric...)
~ trips to Paris
~ a however-many-year-long round trip of the entire of America, for the heck of it
~ an open-top Cadillac to drive around in when I get there

Okay, enough. I can dream, right?
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