T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh


Livejournal is apparently completely frelled and nothing is loading.  Well, bravo for livejournal.

Considering the problems I've been having with uploading userpics lately, mind you, it's probably just as well I've not tried to upload this lot just yet.  But I'll be using them eventually.  Yes, I got very bored...

... ... ... ... ... ...

First one is from one of those Pierre Atget photos I posted yonks ago, with silly French flagness merged over the top.  It was going to have "Vive la Revolution!" on it, but that was tacky.  Second one is a random shot of a bizarre cloud formation I took once, slightly recoloured.  Third is... obvious.  Fourth and fifth a couple of random Derby sunsets, also slightly recoloured.  Sixth is the one I took in the Lickeys, and the seventh is one I took outside the Flapper and Firkin on Naomi's birthday...

Of course, if this even posts, it'll be a miracle in itself....
Tags: icons & layouts

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