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Mix tape!!!

You don't realise how much stuff you have until you try to pack it.  I say this every year, and every year I consistently have too much stuff to pack up again.  I am a creature of habit, alas, and there's no way anyone's making me move to uni without all of my CDs and a few vital videos (and I even toned that lot down this year, but that just meant I bought DVDs instead...)  There is now a sizeable pile of boxes and bags near my door, and all that's left to take home on the 19th will be the computer and associated paraphernalia, and the TV, video and DVD player, which could go tomorrow if not for Naomi coming on Saturday, and we'll probably end up watching PotC or Priscilla or something.

Anyway, packing is as done as it's going to be, so now I'm listening to rachel2205's mix tape:

First of all, I love the cover.  It's all kidnap-note-y with magazine letters.  Also, I love that the two sides are named after possibly the two weirdest Buffy episodes. :D

Side A: "HUSH (I'm dreaming my life)"

Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me (knew this one, well, had heard it, anyway, on the ads for those 80s love song CD collections...)
Sting - "Fields of Gold" (knew this off the cancer research ad. It's nice to hear an oriignal version.)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - "How I Long"
Del Amitri - "One More Last Hurrah"
Incubus - "Drive" (I think I know this.  At the very least, I know the title... [Edit a few minutes later - yup, I know it!])
Seal - "Bring It On"
The Divine Comedy - "Someone"
David Bowie - "As The World Falls Down" (I'm pretty sure I put this on hers... oops. :D)
St. Etienne - "People Get Real"
The Dandy Warhols - "Sleep"

Side B: "RESTLESS (John, I'm only dancing)"

David Bowie - "New Killer Star"
Reel Big Fish - "Sell Out"
The Hives - "Hate To Say"
The Divine Comedy - "Everybody Knows"
Sting - "Desert Rose"
Manson Wedding Soundtrack - "Aaja Nachle"
The Coral - "Dreaming of You"
Soggy Bottom Boys - "Man of Constant Sorrow"
Silver Sun - "Golden Skin"
Idlemild - "I Am What I Am"
Duran Duran - "Hungry Like The Wolf"

I'm up to "One Last Hurrah" at the moment, and loving it so far. :)

Incidentally, I also got tapes off Vicky (recorded by putting her stereo near her laptop and recording through the microphone :D) and Becky (entirely Greenday and Feeder) and a CD off Jemma that's mainly current pop stuff, but quite quirky in its own way...  May put tracklists for those later if I can be bothered.

This experiment has been really interesting; the entire point was to find out what sort of music people like/listen to on a regular basis, and to find out what sort of things they thought I'd like, and, aside from loving absolutely everything people have sent me, it's broadened my tastes, given me something to listen to other than my own collection, and provided me, equally, with a chance to inflict my stuff on other people, where they've asked.  I hope those who've received music have liked it...

I'm still awaiting a Carina Round tape + a mix tape from frightened (seeing as her last attempt at Carina Rounding me failed) and a mix tape from Eni, even if I have to go to Manchester and watch her til she does it...

And yes, the challenge is still open.  I'd really love some music from people not in this country, and people I've not even known that long (such as pandorasblog, x_ariadne_x, etc.)  Don't be afraid, people!  Send me music!!
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