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So, what do we do when we're not getting any more student loan in September?

Why, we spend what's left of it, that's what.

My mum came today to pack the first half of my stuff to take home, and also so I could take her to the tattooing place to show her the wondrous and fantabulous designs they've got.  She's had another dragon, this time on her thigh.  And of course, tattoo breeds tattoo, so I had to get another one...

It's on my right arm.  Cost £45 and took about half an hour.  They're bloody expensive, but ye gods, 'Sumo' is probably the world's fastest tattooist.  This time I watched him work at it, and, actually, that made it hurt a heck of a lot less, because I could see where he was going...

But before that, we discovered a pretty gothstuff shop near Another World and I bough teH most c00lest flares EVAR!!

As you can see, they're a tad too long, so when I'm back in Brum I must go on an insanely-high-heeled-wedge-trainer hunt.  Yay for Shelley's and their ridiculous shoes...

Now I must check cinema times for HP:PoA tomorrow, and also charge the batteries for the camera...
Tags: gratuitous spending, photos & pictures, tattoo
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