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Film overdose and MHOTP!

So, today was spent by first of all, taking stuff to the tip.  Excitement.  I love going to the tip.  All those lovely breaky noises... :D  Unfortunately, it was only cardboard boxes and stuff, so nothing gratifiably smashable.  Ah, well.

The rest of the day was spent watching randomly-taped films, starting with the very wonderful All The Queen's Men, starring Matt le Blanc (Joey from Friends) and Eddie 'Action Transvestite' Izzard, amongst others.  And he lived up to that role quite nicely.  It's basically a WW2 movie about a group of soldiers assigned to steal an Enigma machine from behind enemy lines, dressed as women (because the factory-workers are all female.)  Matt le Blanc makes a really awful woman; he's too rugged and manly. ;)  Eddie Izzard makes a rather appalling Marlene Dietrich (though it's worth watching for the horrible singing alone; he sounds like he does when he's parodying hymns in his stand-up...) but if you've ever wanted to see him kiss a boy, watch it.  It's also quite funny in its own way for the concept alone...

It also includes this truly wonderful line from Eddie's character, when questioned on his sexuality after reuniting with his German-but-not-an-enemy-German boyfriend:

"I'm a bisexual lesbian trapped in a man's body..."

(I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was cast based on that line alone. :P  It's certainly a step up from his single line of "Aaaargh!" in The Avengers.)

After that, One Hour Photo, which I've been meaning to watch for a while.  Robin Williams is fantastic as the slightly disturbing but oddly endearing psychopath, Seymour Pierce.  I sound like a newspaper review.  But it's true.  Worth a watch.  One of those lovely films that just closes itself nicely, links everything together, and answers all the questions, while still leaving enough air of mystery for you to go "Hm..."

And after that, About Schmidt, which... wasn't like I was expecting.  Still quite a poignant film, though.  Jack Nicholson was Jack Nicholson (though not in the same way as Orlando Bloom being Orlando Bloom, if you know what I mean...)

Also watched Dead Famous on Marilyn Munroe, and, while the concept is pretty much the same as Most Haunted, and Gail Porter's random "crazy bloody Americans" expressions are fantastic, it does lack something.  Most Haunted's just more entertaining, for several reasons.  Plus, its fans are all completely nuts. ;)

And talking of, this post has had me in hysterics, for some reason.  If you thought I was bad, that's just terrifying... :D

I also caught the end of "School Hard" (Buffy, season 2, a.k.a the premiere episode of Our Favourite Peroxide Vampire) and wow, but that accent was horrible.  I mean, he was pretty, but that accent... was horrible.

Anyway, I should probably write more of Come Forward, or something.  Tomorrow I'm meeting Naomi and Clare for coffee (even though I don't drink coffee) before bringing Naomi back to mine for the pre-Alton Towers sleepover, but I think I may go into town early to trawl for jobs and go down to the Alex (why are all the sodding theatres so damn far away??) to see if they can inform me about, or sell me tickets for, Derek Acorah's live show in November...
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