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Before I was so rudely interrupted...

The moth's disappeared (famous last words, I guess) so here's what I was going to actually update yesterday.

Pretty much the same as today, in all honesty.  I went to the job centre for my signing on and that was about it.  Note to self: remember pen next time to write down the reference numbers for jobs so you can get someone to print the details off.  Because it was early, I went to McDonald's for breakfast.  And then lived to regret it later, but more on that in a moment...

I phone both the pubs yesterday and today, and neither of them have read my application form yet.  One of them has about twenty to get through, apparently, and the manager's trying to run a pub and find suitable applicants, to which I say, duh, in that case, isn't the lengthy application form process just making everything slower?  Just... gah, just get someone in for a quick interview.  Jesus.

Anyway, that McDonald's breakfast.  See, here's the thing.  I get mad cravings for their sausage and egg muffins, and I'm rarely up in time to get one, so when I am, I make the most of it.  It should've tipped me off when there was eggshell in the egg, but I was so hungry I picked it out and carried right on eating.  McDonald's breakfasts always make me ill; I don't know if it's the egg, the sausage pattie thing or a combination of the two, but they always do.  So my stomach was complaining a little for the rest of day, and then we had chicken kebab from the chippy for tea and that made it worse, so I was reliving it all this morning.  Not pleasant, as you can probably imagine.  So as I result I was up at 6.15 and ended up staying in bed (asleep, mostly) until 12.30...

On the plus side, they're letting me have Jobseeker's Allowance.  Apparently, £44.05 a week is enough to live on.  Hm, odd, that, considering how most people's rent is more than that...

Well, it's money, right?

Got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Asda today, so at least now I have them all.  Will make a start on them after the Hannibal series.  I'm about five chapters into Red Dragon currently.
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