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Eating all the tiny little worms and spiders...

(I doubt there are many people who'll understand that reference, unless they happened to have the same insane activity leader in Llangollen on the residential week as I did, or unless I inflicted the song on you at any time.)

Our pond has frogs.  The big one on the stone was very very dopey - I mean, I poked it in the back twice and it just sat there before eventually realising and sort of sidling into the water.  The other, more streamlined frog, also let me poke it with a stick when it was underwater...  Also, no, our pond is not tiled. ;)  That's the reflection of the tile-hung back wall of the house.

In other news - another new job starting on Monday, at £6.30 an hour, 8.45 - 5.15 Monday to Thursday, and til 4.15 on Friday - the Extra Personnel lady assures me it'll be 95% typing with a little bit of admin, but I'm going in at 1.00 on Monday to see the current temp (who lives too far away now to continue the job) to get a proper handover, instead of being hurled into a large pile of paperwork with no idea what to do.  This sounds a lot easier from where I'm sitting, unlike the one that the Pertemps lady phoned me up about at 9.30 this morning, which was for a senior administrator.  I declined, because my Excel skills are basic verging on non-existent, and because after the last fiasco I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.

Look, just because I can type 75-80 words a minute, it does not mean I can do everything else.  It just means I can type.  Okay?  Got that?  Good.

Anyway, the new one is at Hockley and is for the Child Protection agency there, or some such, and is apparently mainly copy/audio typing and not much else.  Here's hoping that's true and it's not as terrifying as the last one...  I was meant to be helping out at EIP (where my mother works) with their data inputting - they have 700 sheets to get through in a week - but this one came up this afternoon and will probably be far less tedious. ;)
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