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Masterchef, once more.

As promised, some photos of my latest attempts at baking.  I'm no krispen when it comes to decorating, but the Toppled Cake is certainly interesting...

That's the cake for work.  See!  See the pyramids!  And the, err, Nile.  Yeah.  That's what that big crack in the icing's meant to be.  Yeah.

That's the triple-layer (chocolate, lemonish, chocolate) cake that toppled due to my forgetting the baking powder and making the fudge too runny...

And, also as promised and more for thefleshfailure's interest than anyone else's, my desk:

Post-its!  They'll breed and take over the rest of the desk eventually (the ones under the printer are real fic/story notes, the lined up ones on the door are my 'legend' of what note/pen combination stands for what) and maybe the side of the monitor and any other available space.  It's going to be very exciting. :D

Yes, that is Vampira, and the feet on either side of the printer belong to Rocky and Ginger from Chicken Run...
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