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The longest week in history.

Okay.  Okay.  My week, if you please.

I honestly do not remember.  Oy.

Picked Vicky up from Digbeth at about 1pm.  Much fun was had when the bus got diverted, went around the Five Ways/Broadway island twice, and finally figured out how to get onto City Road and thus into Birmingham, resulting in my collecting her late.  Went back to mine and began teH Most Haunted Initiation of Ultimate D00m.  *ahem*  It was the repeat of Tuesday night, y'see, and I had the urge to re-watch Jason being adorable and tortured-soul-y and wanting his mother in Aldwych Underground Station (don't ask) and then... well, then, we made a start on the Top 10 Scariest Episodes from the other week, and it basically went downhill from there...

Having finally figured out how to get there, we dragged ourselves to Tamworth and onwards (by taxi) to Drayton Manor Park.  Though I constantly maintain that nothing (and I mean nothing) will ever, ever top Nemesis as the Best Ride Ever, I do have something to add on my "rides-that-make-me-feel-like-I'm-flying" list, and that would be Maelstrom.  It's basically... um... well, a big ring of seats around a bit arm, and the seats go around the pole while the pole swings from side to side.  It's terrifying if you leave your eyes open and suddenly encounter horizontal trees in your line of sight, but it was really quite relaxing shutting your eyes.  Shockwave's cool, too.  There were hardly any queues, so we ended up going on that three times, Maelstrom four times, and the 100-year-old carousel about three times, so we could ride horses with appropriate names... (yeah, we're big children...) and we rode the little dragon for nostalgia purposes.  I did, however, plainly refuse to go on the pull-you-to-a-great-height-and-drop-you thing, because, whilst I'm a great advocate of rollercoasters and generally a thrill seeker, I'm not frelling insane.

Watched more Most Haunted Top 10 from Derby Gaol and beyond, which resulted in both of us having Most Haunted dreams that night.  My mission to get Vicky completely and irreversibly addicted was, by this point, working rather too well...

We'd planned to go ice-skating on Tuesday, as well as visiting the "A Warrior I Have Been" exhibition at the Gas Hall, but we got all the way down to the ice rink to find it closed, possibly permanently.  Which was just as well, really, because the fronts of my legs were really hurting from clenching my legs together on Maelstrom (clearly wasn't that relaxing.)  So instead, as it was nearly lunchtime, we went to the Pavillions to get something to eat, then wandered around HMV for a bit, where we Bought Stuff (see later) in the CDs section whilst trying very hard to avoid the DVDs section.  Then we went to the Disney Store so Vicky could buy another Eeyore for her already vast collection.

Then onwards to the exhibition, which was quite interesting, and a brief wander around the Museum, which appears to have gotten rid of its interactive science-y bit, as if closing the frelling Science Museum wasn't bad enough.  It seemed as though there were various school trips going on, though, so I'm hoping it's a temporary move.  They've also got rid of that cool Senet game from the Egyptian room...  We also spent far too much money in the shop, and I forgot I had a 10% discount voucher from the exhibition so spent more than I should've done.

Also, we popped into that Life on the Vale exhibition in the gallery, and I highly recommend it.  The paintings are odd, but quite cool (my favourite's got to be "Bedsits and Benefits") and the photos from the burnt out/demolished tower block are beautiful, and I only wish there were prints of them.  Everyone Birmingham-wards has to go see it. I might put a recommendation on brummies later, in fact...

What else... oh, and we went to the Briar for some more food before heading home with a gigantic Dali print (the clocks one) on the bus.  If Vicky gets that home intact, it'll be a miracle...

Wednesday was spent recovering from Monday and Tuesday, and pretty much involved copying CDs, scanning the photos from Drayton Manor (will post them later), and watching lots of Most Haunted.  I also meant to mention before now that I finally got the DVD of Ghostwatch.

Ghostwatch, as some of you will probably remember on the periphery of your memory if you're my age or thereabouts, was aired in Hallowe'en 1992 on BBC1.  It was manufactured as a 'live documentary' on the Early family - Mrs Early and her two daughters, one about seven or eight, the other on the cusp of puberty -  who had a poltergeist, and had agreed to do the programme to make people believe them.  It was hosted by chatshow veteran, Michael Parkinson, and the 'investigation', for want of a better word, was led by Sarah Greene, with her husband back at base (his name currently escapes me, Mike Smith, I think) and Craig Charles completely randomly interviewing people on the street.  I believe Craig Charles was the only reason I watched it in the first place, as I only knew of him being in Red Dwarf at the time.

They were apparently going to keep updating on the family's progress every hour throughout the night, but the broadcast 'stopped' after an hour and a half when the 'ghost' interfered with the studio equipment and 'possessed' our Parky live on screen.  Spooky stuff.  Everyone my age was allowed to stay up and watch it, and was speaking about it at school for some time afterwards; I was convinced there was a ghost in my house for about a year and couldn't sleep for a month because of it.  Apparently, it was one of the only known television shows to cause PTSD in children, and it caused about as much mass havoc as the original broadcast of The War of the Worlds in the 1930s.

It was, of course, all completely scripted.  Parky and Sarah Greene were 'cast' in it to add a touch of reality and make people believe it, and there were debates whether or not to put the scriptwriter's name on the start of the programme, and whether or not to even broadcast it right up to the moment they actually did...

So, that's what it was.  We watched it, me out of morbid curiosity as to how bad it really was, as I remembered various adults around me telling me it hadn't been real and my being too young to realise, and Vicky because she didn't remember it.

My God.

I never anticipated it would be quite that appallingly bad.  The acting was horrible (except for the youngest of the sisters, oddly) and the paranormal activity - and the various stories that wove into explaining it - were about as bad.  The only redeeming quality is the sheer amount of effort they went to - clearing the schedule, for one, creating newspaper clippings, and getting so many people involved including Parky and Sarah Greene to make it convincing.  It is, however, by the final ten minutes or so, very edgy in the same way a horror movie is, when you're expecting something to happen.  Before watching, the only parts I remembered were the cuts on the older sister's face and arms, and Sarah Greene being spooked by a neighbour's cat and saying "I didn't know they had a cat" - whilst watching, I was also reminded of the 'caller' who told how her glass coffee table had shattered and there was blood up the walls, and she was adamant they'd conjured something into her house to possess her children, because they wouldn't go to bed.  And more than anything, it reminded me of when I first watched it, eleven years old, naive, and too scared to move.  So that's gotta be worth something...

As cult TV goes, though, it's definitely worth watching.  Just don't say I didn't warn you about the horrible acting. :)

To make up for the utter awfulness, we went back to watching MH, this time moving onto the Series 3 DVD so I could show Vicky Yvette freaking out because of a moth in her ear, Karl climbing a tree, and Richard Felix falling over.  Um.  Yeah.  She also texted her friend, Carol, who, it turns out, actually knows Derek Acorah personally (which makes watching it all the more interesting) to ask if he watched Ghostwatch back in the day when it was on.  Turns out he did.  He wasn't impressed. ;)  As a result, we also know lots of future MH gossip, but I'm not at liberty to divulge it...

Okay, so Thursday was knackering.  We woke up at 3.45am (yes, you read that right) to be taken to Digbeth in order to get a coach to Blackpool.  Except this coach to Blackpool only went as far as Manchester, and since we had to hang around for about two hours before the next coach, I'd hastily organised to meet the wondrous Eni (thefleshfailure) at the coach station before she was due to go to work at 9.00am, to compare MP3-players and be pointed in the direction of breakfast.  So we got to see the Manchester Uni refectory, and I was so exhausted I drank black coffee.  This brief meeting with Eni was punctuated by almost getting run over, several times, and these two amusing exchanges:

Eni: Have you had any caffeine today?
Vicky: Nope.
Me: Well, a bit of coke this morning, but otherwise, no.
Eni: [look of disbelief] How are you still moving??


Eni: [stands in the middle of oncoming traffic before realising there's a car coming and breaking into a run to meet us on the pavement]
Me: [incredulous expression] How are you still alive?
Eni:  I don't know!  I've normally got someone yanking me back...

Plus random discussion of fic, MH (I'll get her bloody well watching it yet, dammit) and the Jonathan Creek comma.  So, that was very random, not that I expected any less.

Blackpool... was wonderful, exhausting, and very nostalgia-filled, as I hadn't been to the Pleasure Beach since I was about 8, maybe younger.  I'll write that up when I do the photos, as this is too long already.  We finally got back at about 3.30 (after a terror-filled journey from Liverpool that I thankfully managed to sleep through) and might as well have been up for 24 hours.

We didn't see much of Friday, as we slept in til 2.00pm, unsurprisingly.  So Friday was spent... watching stuff.  What Dreams May Come was on at 8.00pm so we watched that, whilst waiting for our pizza to be delivered, and then watched a very bizarre thing with Johnny Depp (yay!) called Secret Window...

So, last night, we were meant to be going to Nightingales to see Peter Andre.  So we got to town, got down to 'gales, and were promptly told by a very large but otherwise pleasant bouncer that they were IDing everyone and, no, they wouldn't accept student cards as ID.  Which was incredibly annoying, as the other pleasant non-bouncer in a cerise shirt was all for letting us in.  So we trudged home again in the pouring rain and settled down to watch the final two hours of MH Live.

And now Vicky's back home again, so I'm listening to the first of the many things I've got to listen to, and about to tot up the financial damage of the week...

Let's see:

Train to Tamworth - £6.90
Taxi back from park - £5.50
Entrance fee - £18.00

Exhibition - £3.50
Calendars (x2) - £15.00
Photographic print - £3.99
Alanis Morissette's So-Called Chaos
Music from and inspired by Spiderman 2 - £20.00 (2 for)
Sunset Boulevard original soundtrack - £13.99 (the movie one!!!)

Coach to Blackpool - £12.00 return
Entrance fee (x2) - £60.00
Candy floss - £2.50
Horribly expensive fudge - £9.70
Taxi from Digbeth to home - £10.50


Money owed Vicky - £30.00

Which makes a rather horrible £211.58.  That's, like, a week's wages.  Which means I have to go two weeks not spending any money whatsoever to break even, and I still owe my mother £70...

Well, expensive it may have been, but that was a thouroughly enjoyable week.  The only bad thing is I now need another week to recover from it, and I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow, especially considering it's the second night of MH Live tonight (with the final one tomorrow), both going on til midnight and meaning I'll get one less hour's sleep than usual.

Also, I need to email Ben back.

Wow.  The best bit, I think, was probably watching the sunset over Blackpool's coastline, and getting some really beautiful pictures of the sky turning many shades of purple, which was the precise moment I re-decreed that I shall retire to live in a shack by the sea, oh yes.  Except before that I have (probably) one heck of a huge backlog of typing to get through once back at work, as well as far too many fics to finish, though I did, over the course of the week, manage to finish re-writing chapter two of Come Forward and post the re-written chapter one...

End of entry.  Now for the photos.
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