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A random pictureful entry for no reason

I keep thinking it should be time for me to change my LJ layout again, especially since thefleshfailure keeps hassling me to bring back my Moulin Rouge! (Satine) theme.  Though I will admit that was one of my favourites...  Anyway, it's currently Cabaret, as you can see, if you haven't already.  And whenever I think, "Hm, it should be time for me to change my layout", I see this bit of the background and remember why I'm keeping it:

All those people who thought the MJ/Peter upside-down kiss from Spiderman was, like, OMGteHbestthingeva!!!11one need to shut the Hell up and watch Cabaret.  Whenever I catch sight of that little screencap I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Which, obviously, is the entire reason it ended up on the layout in the first place.

Anyway, in tribute, I decided to icon it, too...

Pretty, no?  I love it when random experiments with effects and brushes and whatnot actually result in something vaguely attractive.  I really think I'm getting the hang of this Photoshop thing.

There was also this base...

...which I made back when I made the default icon (being used for the entry) and the background, but I lost the inspiration halfway through.  People are welcome to use it if they're at all inspired...
Tags: icons & layouts, shippiness
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