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Got back about an hour or so ago... haven't checked email or read friendlists or anything like that yet, but am about to do something resembling a write-up (with photos) that will be up some point tonight or tomorrow depending on whether or not I fall asleep in the process of writing it.

But overall, a completely wonderful weekend was had, and I am now the proud owner of the following:

A box of very nice Galaxy Silk Collection chocolates.
Farscape season 3 deluxe DVD sets 3.3 and 3.4.
Buffy character collection DVD (Spike) with very very pretty cover artwork :)

And I still haven't managed to watch Big Fish having bought it early in the summer holidays, and Van Helsing is on the list to buy, as are the ridiculously priced X-Files video box sets in the Works for £9.99 each, which, obviously, I'm going into Birmingham to buy tomorrow, if I can still move.  There's also two new Most Haunted DVDs coming out very soon, so all in all I'm going to have a lot of watching of things to do.

Anyway.  Write-up coming momentarily, after I've read my emails, etc.
Tags: birthday, fandom: farscape, fandom: x-files, gratuitous spending
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