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Memeliness, at random

The write-up's done as far as Friday night's fangirling, and I'll try and finish it tomorrow.  There's been something of a delay because my scanner refused to function (well, actually, the computer ran out of RAM and gave up trying to scan anything...)  so I can't post it yet anyway, even if it was finished.  So, tomorrow, you shall learn about my weekend.

Now for the meme...

Here's a list of all the people I have ever shipped for, whether I still do or not (though most of them, I haven't really stopped.)  It may be vaguely chronological, but I promise nothing, as my memory is annoyingly fallable and the chronology will go to pot when I categorise them by fandom.  This is going to be terrifyingly long and there's going to be lots of Disney.  You have been warned.

1) The Sound of Music - Maria/Georg
2) The Sound of Music - The Baroness/Uncle Max (to a lesser extent, and more from the stage show than the film...)
3) Labyrinth - Sarah/Jareth (though only recently, and not extensively)
4) Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Eddie/Dolores
5) Disney - Mickey/Minnie (duh...)
6) Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers - Chip/Gadget
7) The Rescuers - Bernard/Bianca
8) The Aristocats - Thomas O'Malley/Duchess (was she called Duchess?  The mothercat, anyway.)
9) Robin Hood Robin/Marian
10) Basil, the Great Mouse Detective - Basil/Olivia (I made a post about that once, whereby I was going to write a fic where Olivia grew up and requested Basil's detection services and shippiness ensued.  Yeah, I realise they're animated mice.  Get over it.)
11) Red Dwarf - Holly/Hilly
12) Red Dwarf Lister/Kochanski
13) Red Dwarf - Lister/Rimmer (though not til many years later)
14) Red Dwarf Lister/Cat (ditto)
15) The Upper Hand - Charlie/Diana (after discussion with thefleshfailure, whereby I suddenly remembered it.  Wow, they should put that back on...)
16) Edward Scissorhands Edward/Kim
17) The X-Files - Mulder/Scully (obviously.  It was the show that defined my actually being a shipper, though I didn't know the term, and hadn't realised I'd been doing it for years.)
18) The X-Files Doggett/Reyes (it wasn't as good as M/S, but somehow they achieved the same level of gnnnntension between the two characters)
19) Friends - Monica/Chandler (before all the annoying Mondler fangirls latched onto it, dammit!)
20) Friends - Phoebe/Joey
21) Star Trek: Voyager - Janeway/Chakotay
22) Star Trek: Voyager - Seven/The Doctor (*shippy sigh*)
23) Star Trek: Voyager - Paris/Torres (again, before the fangirls got a hold of it, and before it got annoying)
24) Star Trek: Voyager - Janeway/Q (I have seen the light, apparently... though the thought of it does still ick me a little)
25) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Bashir/Dax
26) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Odo/Kira
27) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Bashir/Garak (the more I watch... and after the con and their playing off each other...)
28) Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Dukat/Kira (it's a hate/hate thing; they had some UST, dude...)
29) The Nanny - Fran/Maxwell
30) The Nanny - CC/Niles
31) Frasier - Niles/Daphne
32) Frasier Roz/Frasier
33) Frasier Frasier/Lilith (but only once, against my better judgement)
34) Rocky Horror - Magenta/Riff Raff
35) Rocky Horror - Columbia/Magenta  (plus the various other random pairings that seem to prevail whenever I see a new production)
36) Pokémon - Jessie/James
37) Pokémon - Ash/Misty (yup, as if being a RocketShipper wasn't bad enough, I became a TwerpShipper, too)
38) Nightmare Before Christmas Jack/Sally
39) Farscape - John/Aeryn
40) Farscape - D'Argo/Zhaan
41) Farscape - Chiana/Jool
42) Farscape - Jool/Crais
43) Farscape - Sikozu/Scorpius
44) Farscape - John/Harvey (entirely Naomi's fault)
45) Silence of the Lambs - Hannibal/Clarice (like, duh)
46) Phantom of the Opera - Erik/Christine
47) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy/Giles (I explained that one before; it's so OTP it's not even a P)
48) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow/Xander (ditto)
49) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow/Tara
50) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow/Oz
51) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy/Spike
52) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Xander/Andrew
53) Angel - Cordelia/Doyle
54) Angel - Cordelia/Angel
55) Moulin Rouge! - Satine/Christian
56)Sunset Boulevard - Norma/Joe
57) Sunset Boulevard - Artie/Betty
58) Sunset Boulevard - Norma/Max
59) Sunset Boulevard - Betty/Joe
60) Sunset Boulevard - Joe/Artie (that's a friendship.  Friendship!  And I have to ship all 5 because they're so inter-twined anyway...)
61) Jonathan Creek - Jonathan/Maddy
62) Beauty and the Beast - Belle/Beast
63) The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Mitzi/Felicia (Anthony/Adam)
64) The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Bernadette/Bob (the mechanic guy)
65) Chicken Run - Rocky/Ginger
66) The 10th Kingdom - Virginia/Wolf
67) Les Misérables - Marius/Eponine
68) Hook - Peter/Tink (yeah, now I'm just going through my video collection...)
69) Men Behaving Badly - Tony/Debs (and the Homebase adverts with Neil Morrisey and Leslie Ash amuse me for precisely that reason)
70) Hex - Cassie/Thelma (and this, believe it or not, is as of last night and my first viewing...)
71) The Woman in White - Marian/Walter
72) The Woman in White - Marian/Fosco
73) The Woman in White - Walter/Laura
74) The Woman in White - Marian/Walter/Laura
75) The Woman in White - Walter/Anne (these are to be semi-explained in the write-up in due course)
And I suppose I have to do these...
76) Most Haunted - Derek/Yvvy
77) Most Haunted - Yvette/Karl
78) Most Haunted - Jason/Yvette
79) Most Haunted - Yvette/Anyone (to quote sheldrake it's just "an outpouring of love and affection for Yvette"...)
80) Most Haunted - Phil/Rick
81) Most Haunted - Matthew/David
82) Most Haunted - Yvette/Stuart
83) Most Haunted - Yvette/Cath (see what I mean?)
84) Most Haunted - Phil/Craig (that'll do.  See _mhotp_ for more...)
Edit, 23.40: And now I've just remembered a whole lot more.
85) Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack/Liz
86) Blackadder - Edmund/Elizabeth
87) Game On - Martin/Mandy
88) Dinnerladies - Brenda/Stan
89) Gimme Gimme Gimme - Tom/Linda
90) The Thin Blue Line - Goody/Habib
91) Will & Grace - Jack/Karen (I know, I know...)
92) Guarding Tess - Tess/Douglas
93) Eastenders - Kat/Alfie
94) Eastenders - Dot/Jim
95) Eastenders - Sharon/Dennis (if they drag that out any longer, I think I'll go insane...)
96) Eastenders - Vicki/Spencer
97) Eastenders - Ian/Jane
98) The Vicar of Dibley - Geraldine/David

Dammit. I couldn't make it a nice round 100... I'll stop now...

And that's not even all of them, and I'll probably remember a whole tonne more after I've gone to bed, but I have to get up in the morning, so I shall call it a day.

So, who do you ship for?
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