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A viable candidate for Worst Bus Service Ever.

"It's typical, isn't it?  We've been in deep space for three million years at this bus stop for quite a few hours, and there hasn't been one.  Then, all of a sudden, five of them turn up at once..."

So, this morning was bloody ridiculous.

We were late leaving the house, see.  Only by about five minutes.  It doesn't make that much difference to my journey, just means I end up getting a later and slightly more crowded bus because all the annoying Aston boys and 'oh-so-trendy-because-we're-not-using-the-far-more-efficient-school-bus' Handsworth girls.  Anyway, as you might have noticed, it was raining this morning.  And for some reason, the fact that it was raining meant that every driver in the world simultaneously went:


Because, obviously, leaving earlier when its raining is really logical. *shrug* Don't ask me.  It was a complete mystery as to where all the random traffic in Bearwood - and all points between it and Ladywood - came from.  The first 11C that came to the bus stop - a nice, centrally heated and non-noisy shiny new 11C - said, quite politely, "Sorry - Not In Service".


Well, okay, fine.  I'll just wait for the next one.

This was at about 7.50.  I'm normally on the bus by then.

8.45.  Still standing at the bus stop, getting slowly drenched (the brim of my Eponine!hat was actually dripping) and incredibly annoyed, and two 258s, three 120s and two 128 buses have all gone past.  This is quite impressive in itself, given that all three of those services only run every 20 minutes as it is, and are rarely on time.

Finally, an 11C turned up.  Luckily, a nice new one.  I sat upstairs, listening to my MP3-er and slowly dripping all over the floor, and sat it out in the horrendous 9.00am traffic up City Road.  I figured even if I went through town I'd get stuck, and the traffic's always worse on Hagley Road and the journey takes twice as long.

9.15 (already an hour late for work) I'm waiting for my second bus outside Winson Green prison - my route is so salubrious, you notice - and luckily, a nice warm 101, which I ride for all of three minutes, turned up.  Before that, guess what?

Four 11C buses sailed past the end of the road, one right after the other, give or take the occasional car.  i finally got to work, drenched and disgruntled, at 9.30.  9-frelling-30!!  I'm normally in at 8.15!!  This couldn't happen on the week when I can afford to lose the hours, could it, noooo...

See, the thing about 11C buses... is they're crap.  And the thing about Travel West Midlands, the service of Travel West Midlands, your basic Travel West Midlands service... is it's crap.  So how are you supposed to get to work?!

Oy - and, indeed - vey.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - 11C buses are, in fact, exactly like black holes. :)

Anyway, having finally got to work, all went fairly well, aside from the social worker who was adamant she wanted copies of things that she can already access and print off from the U:/ drive.  Er, not gonna happen.  I have a pile of typing nearly a foot high.  You want photocopies, do them yourself.  You should have them anyway.  That's what those pretty blue things are that we send to you through the post.  Ye gods...

And I also met Breda for the first time.  She's the Reviewing Officer who's replaced Judy (the one who gave me the tapes for typing; I really miss them.  Sue Stokes' are practically incoherent... she has conversations with people in the bloody middle of them!)  So, Breda wandered into the office, and I did a comedy double-take.  I swear.  She looked exactly like Faith Brown.  Same hair, same height and general shape, same sort of style.  I was very, very disturbed, and spent the majority of the time she was talking to Cynthia staring at her.  I'd spoken to her on the phone before, but never seen her.  On closer observation, she actually looks nothing like Faith in the slightest, but on first glimpse... wow, that was disturbing.  She even has a very similar personality.

We should all be very, very glad at this moment that there are no male personages who could be Joes... because that would be even more disturbing, and my RP shipping begins and most definitely ends with Most Haunted, thank you very much.  However, that being said, there is a delightfully camp new social worker in CM6, who has taken it upon himself to ask me and Zoe for help whenever he gets confused.  Ah, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... ;)

Over and out.
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