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Hallowe'en Weekend

That was the randomest weekend ever.  No, really.  The randomnity just kept on coming in droves.

LJ-cut into sections, so you can miss out bits if you so desire, as there are also several pictures included.  Lorna's photos can be found here.

So, I left work at 2.15 in order to get into town and to the station to meet Eni (thefleshfailure) off her 3.00pm train.  I was standing still waiting for a bus at 3.15, and didn’t have my mobile with me so I couldn’t even text her to tell her I was going to be late, and then I couldn’t actually find her at the station.  But after all that was out of the way, everything was fine.

Eni and I went back to my house, where we made Strawberry and Kiwi Jell-O – Robinsons, take note and make interesting flavours! – and decorated the living room with fake cobweb.  It took us about an hour and looked really, really impressive, to such an extent that it’s actually still up (and still, even more amazingly, blue-tacked to the wall…)  The putting-up of this spider-web caused quite a lot of freaked-out shrieking, mostly whenever one of us walked through the door and got a face full of it.  Possibly the most amusing part of this was the balloon-inflating, for several reasons.

  1. The random and sudden inflation of the balloon-heads, which I’m assuming looked quite hilarious.

  2. Eni’s complete failure to blow them up at all

  3. The random swearing that ensued whenever she let go of one

  4. The inevitable hilarity whenever I let go of one.

  5. The hysterics that resulted from the fact that balloons always make rude noises when you let them go, because we are that immature, apparently.

Yeah, it should be illegal for balloons to be that fun.  So, anyway, when that was done and the pumpkin was set up and the table and food was put out, we got changed and waited for everyone else to arrive, and Eni ate about half of the crisps.  For a self-confessed chocolate addict, she got through those things far too fast.  But then, she’d also eaten half of the chocolate chips before I even had a chance to get them near the orange jelly…

We took some photos before people came.

Me, dressed as Lestat.  It doesn't look anything like me.  Quite terrifying how effective a bit of grey eyeshadow under the cheekbones can be, really...

Me and Eni (dressed as The Eni, the Comment Thread of Dooooom being the literary reference to back it up; she did try to find a whole costume, honest) on the sofa, waiting for other people to arrive.

Alison (herringprincess) arrived just before I was completely ready and got into her costume (while Eni continued eating all the crisps) and joined us a few moments later dressed, very impressively, as the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  And then Alison joined Eni in eating all the crisps.  She also came bearing videos – two random bad horror movies, Tubby the Tuba (on request) and Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, because I seem to be the only woman alive who managed to actually ship a Shakespeare that wasn’t Romeo and Juliet.  (Hamlet/Ophelia, woo!)

Alison as the White Witch, showing off her snowflakes and glitter respectively. :)

Naomi (last_dance) and Sarra (translucent) arrived next after the other three of us had congregated in the kitchen to have drinks, Naomi as Granny Weatherwax and Sarra as… something from Green Wing with ridiculously long arms, apparently, though she did remind me of something else I just can’t put my finger on.  Last to arrive was Lorna (frightened), who got changed and re-emerged as The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the East (the one who got crushed), painted green and wearing red kitten heels, which were doubly impressive for them being both red and on Lorna’s feet…

Naomi (doing her Braca grin) and Sarra.  Yes, my hall really is lime green and purple. :)

Spooky orange lights in the kitchen.

"This is Eni, looking terrified", apparently.  I don't care if she kills me; it's a fantastic action shot.

After that it was a hodge-podge of drinking and revelry and watching bad movies, including The Gate, courtesy of Alison, and South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, courtesy of Channel 4.  And, yes, we did all start singing along.  The horror-movie-cliché drinking game was eventually decided against because it would have been an even worse plan than our Buffy drinking game (and considering how drunk I got when that happened…) so we settled for pointing, laughing, and generally MSTing it instead.

Group shot from the beginning of the night.

The pumpkin.  Quite proud of that pumpkin, if I say so myself.  Even if it was diseased. :P

Fake cobweb of doooom!  Looked bloody impressive, y'know.  It's still up.  It was too amazing to take down and be forgotten. :)

Lorna, with hat.  I don't have a full body shot of her, alas.

Lorna again, taken in the dark during the movie, when I couldn't even see what I was taking a picture of, and the Amazing Floating Balloon!

Lorna listed the amusing quotes on her journal, but this one deserves to be mentioned on all the write-ups for the sheer and complete wonderfulness of it.

Lorna: Why is Hell pink?
Naomi: Because of all the gay people.

(Hell in question being seen through a Giant Steaming Hell-Hole in someone’s backyard and having a decidedly pinkish glow.  Given that before this we’d watched South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, this seemed a perfectly logical answer.)

Whilst watching The Gate.  Sarra looking enraptured, and Naomi looking terrifying.

We finally went to bed at about 3.00am after watching half of a werewolf movie with Oliver Reed in it, also starring The Most Boring Priest Alive, who spoke, it seemed, for twenty entire minutes on absolutely nothing, accompanied by random wails of “Please make him stoooop!”  We never did find out if the werewolf was blond, as promised by Sky’s online programme information.


Eni, me and Alison slept in my room, Eni on the futon and Alison on the floor, whilst Naomi, Sarra and Lorna slept downstairs in the living room on the floor and sofas.  Eni, me and Alison awoke at a quite reasonable 10.30am.  When I went down to see if the others wanted any (burnt) toast, they were still asleep.  We had a decidedly random conversation in my room and looked at pretty things (Moulin Rouge! and Jonathan Creek-esque pretty things) and then could hear noises downstairs so went to join the others and finished off the party food.

The afternoon after the morning before...

We watched some Farscape, because we turned over to discover “Revenging Angel”, and by the end of “Fractures” (seems SciFi was having a ‘scape-like morning, yay for them) I’d managed to convert Eni.  I suspect this is only because it has a slug in it, random slug!sex aside.  I mean, I was planning on converting her in a leisurely and well-ordered fashion with a Farscape Indoctrination Weekend, but apparently catching random out-of-canon episodes makes you want to see more, so now she’s cursing my name and planning on buying all the DVDs.  Dude, I’m so good I scare myself. :P

Incidentally, the ‘Scape characters now all have new names as per Eni’s attempt to remember them, thus:

Aeryn - the annoying whiny one I’m never going to like (just wait.  You’ll see.)
Chiana – the Starlight-Express-Cats lady
Moya – Moira (“Moira Stewart as a spaceship with an afro”)
Pilot – fish with hat!
Rygel – slug/Nigel
D’Argo – the Klingon guy
Jool – the annoying one with the red hair
Crais – beard guy
Sikozu – “you haven’t met her yet; she’s the Mary Sue”
Noranti – “you haven’t met her yet; she’s got three eyes”
Zhaan – “you haven’t met her yet; she’s the blue one”

People started leaving between the hours of 5.00 and 6.00, with Sarra being the last to go after breaking our internet connection by trying to buy something on eBay.  Though that did then turn out to be Norton’s fault, not Sarra’s…

Eni stayed til Sunday, yay!  And the rest of Saturday was spent… going to the chip shop, getting drunk, eating Jell-O, and preparing for the first instalment of Most Haunted Live, this being her Most Haunted Conversion Evening, or so I hoped.  We watched the taped French and Saunders parody of same before it started – oh, my God, it was so terrifyingly accurate – so she knew vaguely what she was letting herself in for.  This was accompanied by both my mother and I cackling like banshees because it was so hysterical, especially at Dawny (Derek) Acorah’s random darkness-molestation of Jenny (Yvette) Fielding, and the Foooorrrrk of Dooooom, amongst other things.  Clearly I’m not the only insane Derek/Yvvy shipper out there, even though they managed to miss out anything Matthew/David related.

After French and Saunders, we sat down to satiate our curiosity and watch Tubby the Tuba.  This, for those who don’t know, is an animated film from the 70s or thereabouts, which I mentioned before, when I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t know where my tape was and they only had a copy on the American Amazon site.  It’s about a tuba called Tubby (no, you don’t say) whose only function in the orchestra is to go “Oom-pah” and provide a rhythm.  He’s bored and wants a melody of his own, so he runs away from the orchestra to find it.  On the way, he joins the circus and gets famous, then loses it again, and goes with the orchestra to the Singing City, where everyone has their own melody.  The orphan melodies all go to the ball with their decidedly Miss Hannigan-esque carer/orphanarium owner, whereby it turns into Cinderella, and Tubby falls in love with Celeste’s melody but then gives her up to Prince Cello (or “Prince Scary Cello Face”, as he became known) and leaves, only to come across a singing Budweiser frog who gives him a song to play, and he becomes popular in the orchestra and all is right with the world.  The moral of the story obviously being that when you go looking for something, you might as well not bother, because the singing frog will give you what you want.

We had to pause mid-movie to watch Most Haunted Live, most of which I missed because I was explaining things to Eni and she was giggling at how accurate Dawn French’s impression of Derek Acorah was.  However, I did ascertain two things, both of which, of course, are MHOTP-related:

David Bull making obvious googly lesbian eyes at Matthew Smith during one of their bickering sessions
Derek and Yvette.  Snuggling.  Live on air.  I kid ye not.

So once I’d recovered sufficiently from teH Snuggle (and labelled the video as such) to stop squeaking, we carried on with Tubby the Tuba.

I remember it being far, far less disturbing than it actually was.  I remembered random bits of songs, including some I didn’t even remember remembering (like the bit about the octopus knitting) and it brought back a few childhood memories.  But alongside the childhood memories was the sodding mental trauma!  It’s amazing what you’ll just accept when you’re small and influential.  I’ve never claimed I was an ordinary child, but seriously, the fact that I watched this movie explains a lot.  Possibly the most disturbing thing about it was the slash.  Yes, slash.  Okay, so most films and cartoons, etc. from the 70s can be easily slashed (it’s true; try it!) but this wasn’t just any slash, no, no, no.  This was tuba/piccolo slash.  Yes, you heard me.  Tuba.  Piccolo.  Slash.

Which wasn’t helped by the piccolo in question wearing a red bow tie.  What’s even more disturbing is the slash was actually sweet.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, once we’d decided the singing ballet-dancing elephant could be played by Whoopie Goldberg, we ended up deciding on a whole frelling live-action cast for the damn thing…  And, obviously, we wrote it all down for the express purpose of putting it on livejournal for everyone else to experience our random insanity.  I’ve also taken some screencaps of all of the characters so you can see where we’re coming from, though admittedly some of them were based more on the voices than the visual…

I'll post that at a later date, as I need to get screencaps for it before I can tell you.  Seriously, the likeness on some of them is terrifying.

Eni has also challenged me to make a Tubby/Peewee icon, just to celebrate the sheer randomnity of the entire situation, so that’ll be coming soon, along with another Derek/Yvvy icon to celebrate teH Snuggle, assuming I can actually get a decent cap with the camera… don’t be at all surprised if it turns into my next layout.  I’ve held out so far, but…

Incidentally, since said icon will be entirely Eni’s fault (the slash one, not the MH one), I hereby challenge her right back to come up with some text to put on it. :P

And after that, we watched random musical-ness.  First was bits of Mr Producer!, because I knew Maria Friedman was on it and wanted to demonstrate her amazingness – and now suddenly wondering why I hadn’t noticed before.  But you’ll find out more about Maria when I finally finish my poor excuse for a London write-up.  I also demonstrated who Ruthie Henshall was, while Eni drooled over Bernadette Peters and we both spinemelted over Michael Ball.  It was exciting. :D

In discussing Most Haunted at the same time, we came to a conclusion.  See, I was trying to pinpoint exactly why all the MHgeeks love Yvette so much, and Eni figured it out.  It’s because we want to protect her.  By default, we merry MHOTP!-ers pair her off with everyone else so they can protect her, so, you see, it’s all very logical.  And having established that Alan Davies is right and there isn’t actually a single person alive who doesn’t think Caroline Quentin is fabulous, there was this amusing exchange:

Eni: Okay, if you had Yvette Fielding and Caroline Quentin in one room, which of them would you worship?
Me: Oh, Gawd.  *thinks about it*  Um.  Caroline.  Because she’d glare at me if I didn’t.  *something I don’t remember about protecting Yvette*  What about you?  If you had Bernadette Peters and Alyson Hannigan in one room, which would you choose?
Eni: Bernadette would come home with me.
Me: What about Alyson?
Eni: I’d go back for Alyson later.

Nobody can say our conversations aren’t entertaining.  ;)

There was also this:

Me: *sings along*
Eni: *stares*
Me: What?
Eni:  You!  You’re making funky noises!

Now, my singing’s been called a fair few things before, but that’s the best yet. :D  (Incidentally, Eni, for someone who claims to be tone-deaf, you were singing amazingly in tune for the majority of your own singing along…)

After that was the Andrew Lloyd Webber Celebration video, where we stared amazedly at Glenn Close doing her Norma Desmond thing, though we both decreed that Joe Should Not Wear A Hat, Dammit!  And that was followed by more Michael Ball-ness, whereby Glenn Close forgets to sing in the group bit because she’s staring enrapturedly at Michael.  I love that bit.

Finally, at about 3.00am, we decreed it was definitely bedtime, as we were hyper and tipsy.  However, the randomness was not to end there, oh, no.


We woke up at 10.00ish again and got up at about 11.00, in time for EastEnders.  But before that, most of the morning was spent trying to get the internet connection back.  It turned out that uninstalling Norton had caused some kind of problem, and even though the modem was picking up the DSL line and the computers were detecting the modem, AOL was refusing to acknowledge that there was, in fact, a DSL line.  So Norton was reinstalled and it was fine. Most bizarre.

Incredibly diseased pumpkin...

We had some lunch – a sort of left-over chicken Bolognese thing – and settled down to watch EastEnders, where I had to explain who most of the characters were and wonder what the Hell happened between Kat and Alfie, and we screamed at Kat and Zoe for being idiots, and got quite icked by the random 14-year-old mother, especially when, for a while, we weren’t entirely sure if the small boy she was hanging around with was its father or her brother:

“That can’t be a father!  It’s, like, two years old!”

Turned out it was her brother, and the actual father was an Abused Child with an Angry Father, who immediately gained sympathy for having a black eye, wanting to be a father, and being infinitely less annoying than the 14-year-old mother.

Random plastic spider.  Naturally.

After that, Eni finally got her change to inflict Brother Bear on me, which was only fair considering what I inflicted on her all weekend.  Quite an enjoyable film (even with the *ahem* hysterical crying; in fairness, she did warn me…) with yet more random pairings – Moose!Slash – until I discovered the mooses in question were actually brothers.  Considering how Eni’s sworn never to watch anything else I recommend ever again after Quills, I managed to make her watch rather a lot this weekend…

Eni watching Brother Bear, about 10 minutes before the hysterical crying ensued.

And after that, I took her back to the station and she headed back to Manchester.  Now I have three CDs to listen to – one off Naomi and two off Eni – as well as a Friends H/C trampoline-based fic to read and review.  And yet more CDs to listen to, as I bought a load more on Tuesday...

So.  That was the Hallowe’en of All Randomness.  Now I just have to finish the London write-up.

(New icon courtesy of bizarre_imagery, in dedication to Yvette's fantastic performance on Sunday night, which we're all very proud of her for.)
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