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Stop making pretty things, dammit!

In furthering my shopaholicism, I have bought the following all this week:

From Asda:  one hat, flat-cap shaped, black and furry, with a beaded butterfly embroidered on one side; some gloves, black and white stripey, nearly elbow-length, with buttons up the side.

From H&M today: one jacket, black with red lining, short at the front, with tails at the back.  It looks fantastic with my black-corset-red-mesh-skirt dress, but it needs either a cloche hat or a top hat...  Any ideas where I can get a black satin cloche hat from?  Question specifically directed at tengirlsago, but if anyone else can suggest anywhere, it'd be helpful...

I love buying things that can be used for costumes. :D  They make me want to be teH uber Victoriana goth all the time...

And while I'm here, a to-do list for tomorrow:

~ go to West Bromwich with my mother for her eyetest, so we can pick out glasses.
~ whilst there, take Phantom mask tattoo design (sans music curve for the moment) to the tattoo shop to see if they can do it either then or next week at some point, and how much it woud cost
~ change LJ layout to version something-point-something, "Wrong, But Pretty", to reflect new re-addiction to Derek/Yvette (oy...)
~ possibly make some more icons
~ make thefleshfailure a Chiana-based Friends Only banner for her new DJ layout
~ copy Adiemus: Cantata Mundi (x2) and Catrin Finch/Karl Jenkins' Crossing The Stone (x1), as well as Catatonia's Way Beyond Blue plus extras for Katie and something resembling a mix-CD for Aisha.
~ make comments, etc. on Eni's fic
~ finish, or at least get some more of the way through, chapter 5 of Come Forward
~ work on Sweet Intoxication
~ change MP3-er's playlist
~ seriously think about some things that need seriously thinking about, preferably without the influence of alcohol
~ entertain David while my mother hosts an Anne Summers party for someone who is essentially my manager...
~ listen to some stuff

Dammit, I could really do with not having to go to my father's on Sunday...
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