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How difficult can it be to make one frelling CD, let alone four?

My frelling scanner's frelling frelled.  It goes through these periods whereby it randomly decides not to work, and the usual way of solving this problem is to uninstall and reinstall and start from scratch.

O-ho, not when you've got Win XP, obviously.  Software all installed absolutely fine, and it's detecting that there's a "USB Scanner", but can it find the drivers it's already got for it?

Can it fuck find the drivers.

Yeah, I'm annoyed by this.

My computer hates me, and now my sodding scanner's useless, so we're going to have to swap them around, and the other one's a Canon, which didn't work at all the last time I tried to install it.  Someone buy me a new computer, please.

I'll go away now.
Tags: annoyances: modern technology
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