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And, in slightly less pleasant news.

I just tried to find a page on the old fahrbot site over at Brinkster, only to find that the site no longer exists, due to 6 months of inactivity.  Which is fair enough, because I was going to move things to a sub-domain on teylaminh-dot-com at some point anyway (though also annoying, because the files are spread across two computers and also probably mostly lost unless I can manage to log back into the old subdomain on averre-dot-net...) so it doesn't matter that much.  Except that Eve's nursing site was also hosted there.

So I check my old Zircona site on a whim, to find that thats been bloody well deleted, too, for the same reason.  Every.  Single. Page.  Which is bloody irritating, as I was planning on keeping all my various photo selections on there to save having to move them.  There's all sorts on there.  A selection of Sunset and Cats write-ups, amongst others, various files I only had saved to brinkster's servers (which is my own dumb fault, and partially due to computer breakdown) that, okay, I could probably re-write a lot better, but it's the principle of the thing, as well as Eve's Paris page and Sweet's birthday page (though I do still have all the pictures for that.)  That's about two years' worth of work, all gone. It wasn't good work, particularly, and this will mean my new site'll be forced to have actual content other than writing, but it's bloody annoying.

You bastards.

Some warning would have been nice, y'know.  Perhaps an email saying "you have nearly reached your six months of inactivity limit", so I could log in, mess with something, and go away again.  As far as I can recall, I didn't get anything telling me my time was up (not sure about the fahrbot site as that was a custom email address that I don't even remember) and I'm sure I visited both of the sites quite recently, so this has only happened within the last week or so.

I'd email to complain, but it would be pointless, because they've removed all the files anyway.

I reiterate:  you bastards.
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