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Wow, has it really been a year?

It's Children In Need night, which I had conveniently forgotten until izzles said so. This time last year, Shane Richie (EastEnders' Alfie Moon) was releasing his charity single and performing it live during the show, with Jessie Wallace (Kat) doing a cameo 'playing' a saxophone, because it was a week after the Alfie-rescuing-her-from-marrying-Andy episodes, which I had to tape on the Thursday and Friday because of working... and was probably anticipating it far too much for my own good.  There was a comment in the episode the Monday following as the song came on the radio in the Queen Vic and Kat said "No, leave it on, I love this song!" - a rare occurrence of self-aware irony.

That was a year ago.  A year ago, we were all full of hope for Kat/Alfie.  They married at Christmas.  And now one year on, she's left him to sort her own issues out, and there are rumours of Little Mo - who is meant to be getting back with Billy - getting together with Alfie... which I don't really want to believe, though I wouldn't put it past them.  Truth is, Jessie's off having a baby. Something happened to do with Kat and a baby, I think; I missed that bit of plot, somehow, but I suspect it may have been Andy's or something, but in any case, they're not writing Jessie's pregnancy into the show.

It just seems so strange that a year later everything's gone to Hell on what was potentially the only OTP to ever grace Albert Square (Sharon/Dennis aside, but that's another story) - I wonder if it was planned that way, or just a strange coincidence?

Yeah, I just did an entry about EastEnders in all seriousness and thought.  Look, you give me another fandom, and I'll stop watching crappy television. :P
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