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Now, that's interesting...

This morning, a flyer was popped through our door telling us to "Use your vote and vote for Labour!" - it even offered lifts to the polling station from the candidate.  Er, no.  Thanks just the same, though.

And just a few moments ago, another flyer was dropped through our door telling us to vote against the BNP, which is certainly refreshing.  I'm still tempted to go along the Wolverhampton road with a permanent marker and scribble "NAZIS" across all of their stupid streetlight posters, though.  The whole thing makes me sick.

It's also quite interesting that all of these flyers and "vote for me!" posters don't actually bother to tell anyone what their policies are, even in short form...

That's the most political rant you're going to get out of me.  Ever.
Tags: occasional political activism
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