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In response.

Okay, so obviously nobody else wants to be loved.  In which case, why I love herringprincess is herewith, in light of her feeling angry/crappy, and with a suitable icon.

herringprincess, I love the fact that we're friends again after those years of not-speaking and being apart.  I love the fact that you're just like I remember, in the way you speak and the way you act, but also that you've changed just like everyone else, so re-establishing the friendship is more of an adventure.  I love that even though I know I've changed since you last knew me (a lot), you can just accept it and not judge me on it.  I love that you stand for what you believe in, and that even though I never thought you were serious about "the Buddhism thing" when you were considering it back in year 11, you've managed to prove me wrong.  I love that we can still reminisce about the insanity of the 834 bus journeys and reflect on the bad times without them being an issue.  I love that you reviewed Omnis Falsus Est and didn't tell me, resulting in a pleasant surprise in my review inbox. :)  And I'm sure there are more things, but I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

That's it.  The offer still stands, if anyone else wants some love.  Unless you're all too afraid of my inherent gushing, and I wouldn't blame you.  Whatever.

As an aside, the second Adiemus is frelling gorgeous...
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