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Got into work at 8.00am, and decided that 2.45 was a perfectly suitable time to leave, thank you very much. It's not like I can exactly make up the hours I missed in two days anyway. :)  So I walked to my mother's office and we headed into town, so I could get the damn security tag out of the damn trousers I got from H&M on Saturday.

We went into HMV.  Bad plan.  We came out of HMV having spent just under £100 in there.  Damn you, sales.

The sock-stall man outside the Odeon has yellow and black stripey socks, so when I go back in for my eye appointment on Tuesday, I may have to get them.  I have seen the frames I want, and I must have them.  Since I'm now earning, I might as well splash out for the designer stuff.  There's some from the Osiris range that are wonderful.  I'll take pictures once I have them...

We were planning on seeing Ladies In Lavendar, but, obviously, since everything else has opened today (The Incredibles and The Manchurian Candidate, I think) it wasn't bloody on, despite yesterday's cinema listings checking telling us it was.  So, something that looked at least remotely decent has failed to get box office numbers, so it's been bumped from the screens by yet another remake.  Wonderful.  This is going to be like The Stepford Wives all over again.  Birth seems to have finished showing, too.  Birmingham cinemas, you suck.

On the way back via the German Market, I did espy Naomi, who was espying Sarra singing some carols under the tree.  So I stayed with her for a bit until Sarra finished, and then we all went our separate ways.  For those that might be considering it - the Gluwein stand (with the boot-mugs) sells very, very nice drinks.  I had the apple wine, which was lovely, and I understand the hot-chocolate-with-amaretto-and-cream is gorgeous, too.  We had a pork-in-a-roll from the nearby stand, too.  Very nice.

That's it.  Annoyed by the lack of film, though.

Eni-love and Rachel-love coming tomorrow when I can think of what to say/how to say it...
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