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Love meme, continued.

Why I love rachel2205.

rachel2205, I will admit that even though we've been on each other's f-lists for quite a while (nearly half a year, I think, perhaps longer) I don't seem to know you in the same chatty way that I know other people.  I barely comment on your entries, but I read all of them, and the main reason I don't comment is because I can never think of anything to say that will do justice to the intelligence and insight you've posted.  That's one of the things I admire about you, for a start.  You work hard to achieve the things you aspire to, and you fully deserve everything good that comes your way.  In which case, belated congratulations are also in order. :)

You stand by your morals, as well as your faith, but unlike others, you don't try to inflict it on other people.  I don't share your beliefs, but that's not to say I don't understand or appreciate the value and power of faith.  It's people like you that I find the most admirable, those who can openly discuss their beliefs without trying to 'convert' people to their way of thinking, and who are also open to discussion and friendly debating.

You're a Spuffy fan, too, which makes you A-okay in my book.  And you hate Kennedy. :)  And you like The Phantom of the Opera and The 10th Kingdom and Labyrinth and all sorts of other exciting things. :D

Another thing to mention is that you have great taste in music, if the mix tape is anything to go by.  Also, you have lovely taste in (ridiculously expensive) shoes.

I'm not sure what else to say, really.  You're a lovely individual, and I hope we get to meet up one day or at least get to know each other better in the online world.

I still have to do thefleshfailure's love-meme post, but hopefully I'll manage that tomorrow.  Offer's still open - anyone else want some love?  Or, y'know, I could hate you.  Whichever you prefer. :P
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