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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, scifinutter


yesterday I had a New Year's Eve party with Lorna, Naomi and Sarra.  Well, I say "party".  I think Lorna was right.  "There's food and classical music and none of us are drunk or throwing up - this isn't a New Year's Eve party!"  I planned enough food for three people and there was too much for four, but I'm proud of myself for managing to get it all presented and on the table in time for people arriving.  Including the little labels so people knew what everything was.  Mainly so I could label what was vegetarian-safe and what wasn't, though I then became really anal about it and labelled everything.  When I get the photos developed you can see the impressive spread.

The cheesy potato tubes seemed to go down quite well... :)

After food and present-giving (Naomi drew me another rendition of Mila... on a larger scale and with "less anime-hair".  I don't know which one I like better, because the original looked exactly like it did in my head, but the new one's preeeetty and she's all angsty and stuff.  When I have a functional scanner I'll post it.) we all migrated upstairs to the living room, where everyone marvelled at my wonderful tree and we watched Pirate of the Caribbean, and devised a drinking game as we were doing so.  Any time a category was spotted we shrieked "AVAST!" and had a drink.  This resulted in us getting slightly drunk.  But considering that these were the categories, it's hardly surprising:

1) "Pirates" said in a silly voice.
2) Any mention of the Black Pearl in a silly voice.
3) Close-up or obvious focus on Gold Piratical Coin.
4) Tragic Gormlessness (specifically Norrington)
5) Orlando Bloom nearly having an expression.  (The best was probably during the bar scene in Tortuga when he's leaning against the post, trying so hard to make an expression and failing horribly, and knowing it. :D)
6) Phallic symbols, including: swords, guns, big ships, large towers, etc.  Accompanied with a cry of "Phallus!".
7) Jack Sparrow (or anyone else) mincing.  (Jack Sparrow can mince while sitting down.  It's disturbing.)
8) Over-concern for large hat.
9) Wenches/bodice-ripping/heaving bosoms.
10) Slash. (*ahem*  Yes.  Much drunkenness.)
11) Innocent Piratic Puzzlement.
12) Anything even remotely orgasmic (specifically Barbossa and his apple fetish.)
13) Silly pirate noises.
14) Double acts (Murtog/Mulroy, Pintel/Ragetti, Jack/Will, etc.)
15) Occult Mists
16) "Parlez."
17) Any mention of eunuchs.
18) The goat.
19) "Savvy?"
20) Gibbs' flask.

So, naturally, by the time we'd finished Pirates and set about watching Naomi's copy of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, we were in no fit state to be objective, and spend the entire film squeeing over the slashy not-at-all-subtext and general gayness of the entire film.  It's like Billy Wilder looked into Naomi's pre-embryonic brain and designed a movie just to satisfy her whims, I swear.  Somehow, it also led into a conversation that comprised entirely of pronouncing countries/cities in their accents (such as "Noo Yoowak" and "Lahndan") and explaining to Sarra what "H/C" meant.

Best line probably had to be "Watson is always putting words into my mouth..." (with a smirk that suggests that's not the only thing he's... you get the idea.)

So, yeah.  Random drunken debauchery, woo!

Photos coming at some point, as well as some well thought-out hastily figured out New Year's Resolutions.  Which this year I will keep.  Yes, I will.
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