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New Year's Resolutions.

(Typed in the dark, because I miss being in the lava-lamp-and-fairy-light-lit room of uni - this'll be a challenge for my apparent touch-typing skills...)

I failed at keeping most of my resolutions last year, especially on the writing front, and given my current lifestyle I think I'll just try to aim lower this year.  So, here we go.

Resolution the First
No matter how slowly, I will endeavour to re-live and revisit all of my old addictions/obsessions and get through my entire video/DVD collection, as well as ploughing through my eternal reading/viewing list.  Even if it's just a couple of episodes or a film per night (new television addictions and going out being the accepted disruptions) and reading when I go to bed.  I'll take a book into work, read on the bus.  No more constant internet slobbing.

Resolution the Second
A writing-related one.  Regain my creativity.  I've been managing to keep vaguely on top of Come Forward when I'm at work (slowly), but only because the thing that inspired it is in the forefront of my mind.  Hence the first Resolution - if I can get back on track with old obsessions I might be able to update/finish old pieces of writing.  I am always at my most inspired very late at night/early in the morning, and that's impossible, but if I can write things down when they come to me at random intervals (as I was trying to do with my post-its) it might help.  Either that or I get job that'll let me work from 2pm to midnight... ;)

Resolution the Third
In that vein, get back into the fanfiction circuit.  It feels like centuries since I read a piece of fic, and the Spuffy fic I was rhapsodising about, at last check, was up to 43 chapters... I last read chapter 12.  Really, really far behind.  And in reading, get back into writing and regain the old joy I had of fanfiction, that joy that inspired my entire dissertation.

Resolution the Fourth
Update LiveJournal more often.

Resolution the Fifth
Meet more online people, both those I've already met (Eve, Sweet, Eni) and those I haven't.  This might have to be on a strictly same-country basis for the moment, though one day, I will meet Katie.

Resolution the Sixth
Invest in one of those UGC annual cinema passes and see lots of films.  On my own, if I have to.

Resolution the Seventh
Remember people's birthdays.

Resolution the Eighth
Honestly endeavour to organise a Most Haunted geeks live show meetup, which piggy-backs off no. 5.  After that, we'll see about doing our own ghost hunt. :)

Resolution the Ninth
When all my gallivanting around the country ends for a bit after Derek Acorah in February, start actually saving money, in the event of either visiting American online people, or moving into my own place, or things of that nature...

Resolution the Tenth
Join something.  Specifically, phone the City of Birmingham Choir woman and ask about auditioning, etc. If that's successful and settles down, look for amateur operatics, etc.

Resolution the Eleventh
Continue to expand musical tastes however possible.

Resolution the Twelfth
Update my bloody website.

Resolution the Thirteenth
Take camera with me wherever I go, within reason.

And I think that'll do for now.  Likely to be edited several times as I think of more.

For the record, this is what I resolved last year (on the day that rachel2205 friended me - hello!)... Looks like I failed horrendously at keeping most of them.

1) Organisational Skills - failed.
2) Writing - attempted, but ultimately failed.  The post-its are a new organisational attempt.
3) Capitalisation - succeeded!
4) Friends Lists - sporadically succeeded, depended on my mood.
5) Site-building - well, I did start to learn CSS...
6) Lifestyle - half and half.  I didn't eat particularly reguarly, but I did learn to make mashed potatoes and cooked some real food last year.  And I learnt how to bake cakes...
7) Workload  - failed horrendously at this one, though I seem to be getting things done on time at work, which is something...
8) Take more photos - definitely succeeded on that one.  Love me, love my camera. ;)
9) A soundtrack for life - succeeded, mainly.
10) The future - failed.  Definitely.

What about everyone else?

I might do a sort of 2004-reflective post either later tonight or tomorrow...
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