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So, let's get off to a better start this time...

Happiness Is:  Straight Hair!

My webcam is dying a death and sucks the big one.  I can assure you it looks a lot better in real life.  I thought, I'm not going to London with my hair all wavy and idiotic-looking, so off I went to the hairdressers and asked her to do something with it, as I have my graduation in a week.  She washed it, trimmed it, stuck it under the dryer thingy, blow-dried it, and used some of those wet-to-straight straighteners on it.


And when I put my glasses back on to have a look, I was all "Whoa.  Is that me?"  Dude, I look fabulous with straight hair.  I've never managed to get it completely straight.

So, yes, happiness is veryvery much to do with my hair.  Sad, but true.  And I'm now much less anxious about my graduation photo, too.  I'm going back next week to get it washed again (our shower doesn't work properly; I'm having to wash my hair in the sink) and get it re-straightened.  In the meantime I have some relaxing serum stuff that seems to work even when it's drying naturally, so with a bit of blow-drying hopefull that'll work, too, and when I have the money I'll invest in some of those straighteners. :D

I'm all packed, more or less, and this time tomorrow will be watching Saturday Night Fever.  For the second time.  Anyway.  Should be interesting.  Ee, London. I have failed to finish my original write-up from my birthday, so... eh, I'll do it when I'm back.  I should probably share the photos eventually. :)
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