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"Haven't had a dream in such a long time..."

So, I had this dream last night, which was really vivid in my memory right up until the point when I was fully awake and trying to remember it enough to write it down, and which is now slightly fuzzy.

It was about - wait for it - Jeremy.  It's been a while, I have to admit.  And all I really remember other than in residual images was that I was in something, which turned out to be Sunset Boulevard, and I was apparently replacing Ceri Ann Gregory as Betty Schaefer.  On my first night, Jeremy wasn't performing, but nobody knew why, so after this really random section outside a stage door where all the regular stalker people were meet-and-greet-ing the rest of the cast, I snuck back inside to find out where he was.

And then I remember trying to convince him to carry on with the show, as he'd decided he wasn't going to because of one bad review.  There was lots of hugging, I believe, and lots of playing agony aunt.  (Of course, exactly why he'd be confiding in the 'new girl' rather than anyone else didn't cross my mind...)  And while all of this was going on, I was still staying with Vicky in a hotel in London, and our room was 366.  (Our actual room was 6066, and oddly enough, in the dream, I only went up three floors to get to my room instead of 6...)  She was out doing her own thing somewhere and I'd bought lots of clothing, including a white top covered in very shiny sequins, amongst others, and I couldn't go into the room because they were still cleaning it.  I texted her to say "Back at the hotel now but room is being cleaned.  Where are you?" - but I don't think I got a reply - and there was a Subway and a bar all on the third floor.  Very odd.

But yeah.  The bit with Jeremy was much more detailed and vivid and there was more to it, but now I don't remember it.  Which is annoying, actually, as it was quite a good dream.  Though it did remind me that it's been nearly two whole years since Little Shop and I still haven't managed to track him down.  Naturally, my plan to try and see everything in London doesn't have anything to do with this fact...

Anyway.  Graduation was yesterday and was quite a well-organised and pleasant affair, though it was somewhat odd running into people from the course.  Will post pictures of that and London later, if I remember.  I do still have another Most Haunted Live: Volume 2 DVD to watch, after all. ;)

I'm not looking forward to the enormous pile of work that awaits me on Monday morning.  At least I won't be bored...
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