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Death to chavscum.

Went to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events today at the Odeon in Quinton, seeing as it was nearer than heading towards Dudley or Birmingham.  It was the only film showing there this afternoon, and when we arrived, the doors were locked.  About five minutes before it started, they finally let us in.

It would've been more enjoyable had it not been for the twenty or so annoying chavkids who descended upon first the front row, and then the row behind us, who had clearly been kicked out of the house by their parents and weren't interested in seeing the film in the slightest.  One of them actually fell asleep.  And cue two hours of chatting, sweet wrappers, mobile phones, seat-kicking, and general annoyance.

I was, however, very amused by the boy in the row in front, who couldn't have been more than about 9, with his grandparents.  He was singing along to the Dido and Abba songs (White Flag and Dancing Queen) that were playing before the trailers aired... I sense a drag queen in the making. :D

The film itself was what I'd been expecting, mainly because of all the hype.  I may have to buy the books now, though.  Jim Carrey was Jim Carrey, but with lots of prosthesis, Timothy Spall was entertaining, Billy Connolly was endearing, and Meryl Streep was her usual wonderful self.  I think the infant/s playing Sunny stole the show, though. :D

It's visually very pretty (unsurprising, with Rick Heinrichs at the helm) and the costumes were done by Coleen Atwood, one of Tim Burton's left-hand women, and even though it doesn't have that certain 'something' that Burton's movies have, it's certainly close enough to appeal to my dark side.  Lovely lavish sets and pretty landscapes are always good in my book, and I'd much rather see something pretty (especially pretty and intelligent) than something boring and ordinary.

I can't really say much else about the film, as my concentration was shot to hell by the chavkids behind me, though what I could actually pay attention to seemed very good.  My favourite moment, though, was definitely the sequence with Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) in the shop, waiting for the train to hit his car and the children, reading a magazine bearing a picture of Lon Chaney and "The Man Of A Thousand Faces" - which just seemed a nice little self-ironic touch, given that Mr Carrey is becoming worthy of said title himself...

Not a very good review, sorry.  If I see it again at some point I'll try again...

Today has been taken up with that and the rest of my MH DVDs, so I'll sort the photos, etc. out tomorrow night, I promise...

Edit, 22.56: I also realised something else that really annoys me about the POTO movie, but I'll wait until I'm in a better state to articulate it... because obviously, I can never stop ranting about it... :)
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