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another one for the 'scapers.

right. so i know i should be doing work.

i just finished the fic. so i have uploaded it, and it's here. if you don't like angst, mush or dream realities, don't read it. seriously. if, however, you want to see the latest thing my Muse tortured me with, please feel free to click away.

and talking of Muses. there is only enough room in my head for one. and his name is erik. aeryn has taken it upon herself to move in and help with all my "farscape" things. erik is most displeased by this decision and is forming a protest of non-violent silence until she moves out. now that this fic is finished, i hope she does.

not that i don't appreciate the help you understand. but i don't really want a mourning ex-peacekeeper in my brain...

erik, please don't be angry! i didn't frelling invite her. i didn't invite you either, more to the point... no, that doesn't mean you can leave...


Muses, eh. can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

anyway, i'll make some lunch, then i will definitely work. i will. i promise. i refuse to come here or anywhere else until i have finished at least one task.
Tags: fandom: farscape, writing: fanfiction
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