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My Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVDs arrived today!

Which isn't as squeeful as it will inevitably be for Eni when hers arrive, but still.  Yay!  Deleted scenes!

New girl started at work today, finally.  She was meant to start last Monday, but never mind.  And naturally, this is right when everything's calmed down so she'll have practically nothing to do.

Rather like me.  I spent the majority of the morning attempting to get through to the frelling IT Helpdesk to talk to someone about getting access to the shared directory, failed four times, and finally emailed them.  I suspect they may ignore me entirely, as there is one IT helpdesk for the entire of the council... which is a lot of people.

All of whom seem to be breaking their bloody computers.  >.<

On the plus side, I spent the afternoon on the Inline message board (again), and won the daily quiz.  So tomorrow I am to be quiz-mistress, and on Friday I must come up with questions for someone else to host.  It sounds more confusing than it is.  And what do we reckon are the odds that tomorrow afternoon I won't have room to breathe, let alone host a quiz?

Anyway.  Life Begins starts tonight, and I am not going to miss it.

More screencaps coming on Thursday for the _mhotp_ challenge, as I'm too tired to fight with the DVD-ROM tonight.  It was being a pain in the proverbial yesterday...
Tags: fandom: farscape, sandra-gate, work: child protection
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