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Dear Uniross Ni-MH AAA rechargable batteries,

you suck.  Your larger AA brothers suck considerably less and can power my camera - which undoubtedly uses more power per second than my MP3-player - for at least three hours of constant use.  You, however, cannot even power my MP3-player for 10 hours of playback, whereas the cheap-arse Superdrug AAA batteries give me at least 30 hours.

Kindly stop sucking.  I bought you so I would have to buy less of the aforesaid Superdrug AAAs, and you are not being very useful.



Yeah, annoying.  As was much of today until I got given stuff to type.  Still have two sets of minutes to do tomorrow, a couple of distributions, and a drenload of photocopying.  Woot.

Zoe's leaving on Friday.  :(  I mean, she was supposed to leave, like, in January, but anyway.  She's definitely leaving on Friday, and I is sad.  She sits opposite me and actually knows what she's doing, unlike the rest of us.  Cynthia was meant to have gotten her a leaving present, come to think of it... we put the money in for it and then forgot because Liz H's birthday came up.

Last Dead Famous tonight; can't remember who it's about.  And then, woo, more stuff.  Most Haunted Live # 14 (I think) 12-14th March (another late Monday, then) complete with Access All Areas on Living 2 (they really, really know how to milk this popularity lark...) and then Dead Like Me series 2 and Most Haunted series 6 both starting on 22nd.  At the same time, obviously.  I would like to thank the Academy Living for creating the very helpful Living +1.

Wow, television...

I'm exhausted and my brain doesn't work.  Early night tonight, I think.
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