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Not perfect, however...

I'm sure thefleshfailure will be delighted to know that I've swapped back to my old Moulin Rouge!/Satine-based layout for a while.  I'd forgotten how annoyingly small the entry-area was, though.

Anyway.  Uhm.  Now I just have to figure out why my userpics appear to have been hacked, or if it's just LJ being all screwy...

The reason for this change is because a) with the onset of the new series of Most Haunted, the Derek/Yvvy MHOTP! layout is going to be detrimental to my sanity and b) this is a temporary measure until I can make either a Priscilla Anthony/Adam-based layout or something else if not.  So make the most of it, Eni, because it won't be here for long. :)

And now I'm going to bed. I keep continually forgetting that a layout change is never just a layout change when you're messing with styles...  Bah.
Tags: fandom: moulin rouge, icons & layouts

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