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Another meme stolen off shibaiko.  She has all the coolest memes. :P

What they are, why they are, what I use them for...

Firstly, my icons are categorised by fandom or random - literally. ;)

Current Default
Keywords: Random - Eyes
It's, um, my eyes.  Actually, it's a smaller version of the main logo of my site, and the original reasoning behind it was that the eyes were the windows to the soul, or some such.  Currently, it goes with the colour scheme.  I generally use it when I can't think of anything else to use or if I'm complimenting people on pretty things...

Keywords: Buffy - Jealous Vampire Crap
That screencap needed to be something.  Icon soon to be stolen by rubytitania so I may stop using it.  It's my Buffy/Spike/jealousy icon.

Keywords: Random - Absinthe!
It's explained in the description, but to expand slightly: after a holiday in Crete wherein we were introduced to kiwi liqueur cocktails, we bought some of the stuff and I made one of the cocktails and decided, because it was green, to take pictures of it and Photoshop it to death until it looked vaguely like absinthe... This was around about the time of the Moulin Rouge! layout, so there was logic in the madness somewhere.  It's my randomness/insanity/drunkenness icon.

Keywords: Spuffy - numb
Part of a songset - as yet unfinished - for Alanis Morrisette's That I Would Be Loved.  Mostly used for Spuffy-related or general blah-y posts.

Keywords: Spuffy - with or without
Part of the same songset.  Mostly used for alone/lonely/lovey-dovey/shippy/Spuffy posts... I'm not very specific with my icons...

Keywords: Buffy - sanity
And another part of the songset; this is as far as I got...  My brain-go-boom icon. :)  My favourite thing about this icon is the way the hand on Buffy's cheek merges perfectly, which was a complete accident...

Keywords: Christine - pity
Prettypretty Christine icon made from one of Robert Heindel's gorgeous paintings.  Mostly used for Phantom-related or sympathetic/self-pitying posts.

Keywords: Erik - blank
Prettypretty Erik icon made from another of Robert Heindel's gorgeous paintings.  Used when talking/angsting about Phantom or when being particularly snarky...

Keywords: Random - Rocky lips
Because I needed a Rocky Horror icon.  *shrug*  I don't use it that often, but it can be useful...

Keywords: Random - Pirate!
Sky magazine gave us pretty pictures of Johnny Depp and we turned them into pretty icons.  Was also one of my more successful efforts using the icon-sized brushes I downloaded.  I mainly use it - out of random tradition - on birthday posts, or anything even remotely pirate-related.  Everyone needs a pirate icon.  Especially a pirate icon that inclues teH hawtness of Johnny. :D Arr!

Keywords: SB - Betty - Oh you!
Possibly one of my favourite icons.  It stemmed from an email conversation with rift_dweller about the scene it's from, where Betty threatens to throw the apple at Joe when he refuses to help her with the script, leaving her with an idea and no motivation before running off, and we figured it would've been poetic justice to actually lob the thing at him... especially given he'd have to explain the bruise later to Norma, which would've been amusing.  Aside from that, the colouring worked perfectly, and the wording speaks for itself.  So it's my general exasperation icon. :)

Keywords: Buffy - The Four
Based on a quote from the Chosen novellisation ("The Slayer, the Watcher, the Witch, and the One Who Saw..."), and I'm still using it on a matter of principle because it took about a month to get it under 40KB... :P  Generic Buffy/nostalgia icon.

Keywords: Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness
Vaguely on request by ennixeve, and using lyrics from Katie Melua's Closest Thing To Crazy.  It was done using vaguely the same technique as the Betty Schaeffer "Oh, you!" icon, but didn't work quite as well.  I'm still using it because I don't have another 'Scape icon at the moment... it's my 'Scape/shipping/sadness icon.

Keywords: Random - Oblivion wheels
After a trip to Alton Towers with Vicky, I scanned the photo-sleeve off the Oblivion action shot and made icons out of it.  This was my favourite of the batch.  It's a blue-print (well, orange-print) of the carriage wheels on the ride.  Another randomness icon, though sometimes used for futility due to the nature of the ride...

Keywords: MH - Spoon of Doom!
Hee!  *ahem* The Spoon of Doom (a terminology which, I fear, is entirely my own fault...) is the infamous spoon from the Stratford Most Haunted Live, which I had to make jesting fun of... even though it's their most compelling evidence thus far (some of the interesting table-tips aside...), it... well, it would have to be a spoon, wouldn't it?  The ghost managed to choose the most comical piece of cutlery it could find to hurl at Yvette. :D  One of my earlier attempts at animated icons, which explains the crappiness/jerkiness.  Mostly used for random silliness and MHLive posts.

Keywords: Random - Atget mouth door
A scan of a print by Atget of an artists' entrance somewhere in Monmatre, with French flag colours superimposed over the top.  It's my theatrical/France/travelling icon.

Keywords: Random - Clouds
Photo taken in Derby of an interesting cloud formation.  Dreaminess/weather icon.

Keywords: Random - Me - meow
Me wearing cat ears.  Another randomness icon; also periodically used for me-related stuff that's not angsty and occasional camwhoring. Useful for when people want photos of me, though I need a more recent one...

Keywords: Random - Sunset pink
Derby sunset.  I went through a random sunset-icon phase so there's a couple of these...

Keywords: Random - Sunset tree
(There's a tree in it... *shrug*) Another one.  Mostly use these when I can't think of anything else...

Keywords: Random - Trees
A view through the trees from somewhere in the Lickey Hills.  Arty-post icon. :P

Keywords: Random - Wheel
A wheel/winch near the Flapper and Firkin pub, taken on Naomi's 18th.  Photo-post icon.

(The fandomination starts now...)

Keywords: MH - take my hand - D/Y
First mini-movie icon.  It's Derek and Yvette at Chillingham Castle, back when she was a big uber-wuss... The lyrics are Take My Hand by Dido, and I just thought the footage was cute.  I shall indulge my bad RP ship, dammit!  Vulnerable/darkness-icon, and mostly used on the MH community anyway...

Keywords: MH - wrong but pretty - D/Y
More Derek/Yvvy... something of a challenge.  The cap is from the menu pic off the MHLive DVD, a lovely picture other than the, well, menus... so my challenge was to icon it despite the menuness... and this was the result.  It was the default for a while when I had my D/Y layout.  Most of the MH icons are mainly used on MH communities at random...

Keywords: MH - numb haven - K/Y
My angsty Karl/Yvette icon.  I'm allowed to ship Karl and Yvette. :D  Cap's from Derby Gaol and the lyrics are from Imaginary Friend by Catatonia.  I still quite like this, though I'm still irked that it looks like it's Karl who's upset rather than Yvette.  I'm only still using it because they're adorable...

Keywords: SB - Max - Oy
As part of my uber mood theme of fandom doom, if I ever finish it, I capped this picture of Max without really knowing what to use it for.  And after some deliberation, I turned him into an icon.  You never know when you're going to need an "Oy" icon.  Same technique as the Betty icon, again.  Speaks for itself. :)

Keywords: MH - Slayer!Phil
When I saw that picture, I simply had to...  Mostly used for silliness on MH communities...

Keywords: Random - Garbo
Text/picture are from a card I bought simply because the sentiment rang true.  This was the best attempt of three.  My argh-shit-life-angst icon.

Keywords: JC - cockroach OTP - J/M
Jonathan Creek icon, the first of many to come if I ever get around to watching the DVDs...  I really needed a J/M OTP icon and that picture's just completely adorable...  Random/shippiness icon.

Keywords: MH - shoulder - J/Y
lutonairport got the cap initially for a Caption Competition and it was so cute I had to icon it.  More proof that Yvette pairs with absolutely everyone (including teH uber-campness himself, Jason...) and - again - used predominantly on MH communities.

Keywords: Cabaret - Mein Herr
The best upside-down!kiss in movie history, and a kick-arse song to boot. :)  Random brush experiments resulting in prettiness.  Another shipping/love icon.

Keywords: MH - Worshipped & Adored by Many
The wording, I believe, came from a thread with bizarre_imagery.  This is another of my favourite icons, predominantly my "I'm-a-big-fangirl" icon, but I completely adore the long-suffering expression on her face...

Keywords: MH - Yvette witch - bizarre_imagery
A gift from bizarre_imagery after the Hallowe'en Most Haunted Live at Pendle Hill, wherein Yvette was... kicking witchy arse, quite frankly.  I'm a really big fangirl. :P  Mostly it's an "I keeeel you!" icon... well, wouldn't you be scared of that expression? ;)

Keywords: MH - teH Snuggle - D/Y
More wrong-but-pretty.  Lyrics are from Broken by Seether.  From the first night of the same MHLive, wherein the camera cut back to Derek and Yvette on the sofa and caught them mid-snuggle, and Eni was subjected to my joyful squeeing and bouncing around the room.  One of my favourites; reserved for very special MHOTP! posts. :)

Keywords: Random - swircle - pwn n3m0!
Stemming from a bit of the Swircle, and used specifically to post about it.  Don't ask.  Seriously.

Keywords: WIW - Marian
Maria Friedman as Marian Halcombe from The Woman in White, looking anguished... because Maria's all kinds of wonderful and so is the musical.  Needs re-doing, because I don't like it as much as before.  Used sporadically...

Keywords: MH - kiss - K/Y
After many months, a non-angsty Karl/Yvette icon, with caps courtesy of MHL: Access All Areas.  Preeeetty. :D  Lyrics from A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste from Whistle Down the Wind.  It doesn't currently have a purpose because I'm pimping it everywhere I go, just as I shall do with any of the others I happen to upload...

Keywords: MH - Spoon!Phil
Recent addition.  It would take too long to explain... in any case, it'll be a random silliness icon. :D

Phew.  That took rather longer than expected...
Tags: icons & layouts, memes

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