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Yt ys done.

Finally got the website to cooperate and the flowers are due to arrive on Saturday.  It's done.

Holy God.  It's done.  Methinks my icon should read "Kicking BeXy Arse" instead... :|

The message on the card reads, quite incoherently, as follows:
just a token of our
esteem; a letter 
is also coming.
Look for the leafy
All the best, BeX
Attwood & many geeks

It didn't give me much space.

So.  That's that.  Now there's just the rest of it to sort out.  bizarre_imagery, I need your lettery messagey thing by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest, because I need to get it all in the post on Friday morning...


Someone remind me why I'm doing this again?
Tags: celebrities: yvette fielding, fandom: most haunted, fangirl missions
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