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Randomness from AIM last night...

I was having two conversations at once last night, one with bizarre_imagery and one with thefleshfailure, and some of the bits of conversation just need to be chronicled...

teylamina: i promise to take a big sign to most haunted live. :-)
Oogieboogiefliss: Yay! :D If you could just abduct Matthew, too....
Oogieboogiefliss: Oh and David Wells.
teylamina: i shall. and yvette, of course. and karl.
teylamina: um, should i just take a list of who not to abduct?
Oogieboogiefliss: Might be easier, dahling, yes....

teylamina: oh, did you see my recent post? up for a house party in june? ;-)
Eni is Confused: Mhm. Sounds nifty.
teylamina: yayy. i promise not to inflict any more horrifying movies on you. not personally, anyway.
Eni is Confused: Got exam timetable, by the way... with a glaring error that is smack bang on the exact wrong date for me to determine what I'm doing pre-then until I've talked to the department, so sorry...
Eni is Confused: Personally!? You mean you're gonna hire hitmen to do it for you!?
Eni is Confused: Pre-then being pre-Michael, that is.
teylamina: ah, that's oaky. we have a couple of months yet to sort it... and, well, no, but i make no promises for my friends.
Eni is Confused: Oh, how many disturbing films could they have. 'sides, I can always hide under the stairs if need be.
teylamina: er, you saw my stairs, right?
Eni is Confused: Yea, I realised, exactly as I posted that, that yours were not the stairs I was thinking of that I could and did hide under...
teylamina: moreover, you watched the thing with the foothighdemons! right?
Eni is Confused: Uhm. Yes. I remember the foothighdemons. With the frelling MELTINGHUMANFACES.
Eni is Confused: And the zillion plot devices.
Eni is Confused: Cliches, that is. Nrgh.

Eni is Confused: And, hee, yea... I can imagine sentences, coherent or otherwise, aren't so very clear from Cloud Nine.
teylamina: LOL
teylamina: you're so the greatest friend ever, dude. :-D
teylamina: randomly.
Eni is Confused: AWWWWWWWWWWW!!
teylamina: *covers ears*
Eni is Confused: Ahem, that would translate as a thankyouandditto.
teylamina: awww!
teylamina: sorry... just with the rage-bouncing and teH weekend and the tennises and everything...
teylamina: you can have that in lieu of the love-post.

Eni is Confused: Decency is overrated. Like coherenc.
Eni is Confused: ..............the typos doth mock me.
teylamina: LMAO!!
teylamina: best. typo. EVAR!
Eni is Confused: Only. ME.

Eni is Confused: How is it, that a conversation can begin with "do you want to see a picture of my boyfriend" and end in sharks with spoons on their noses, painted by Picasso?
teylamina: because it's us.
teylamina: have you learned nothing?
Eni is Confused: Ah yes. Of course. That is the answer to all Life's perplexities.

(For the record, we were talking about Birds of a Feather...)
teylamina: though i did like the imprisoned husbands. and holy god, i just realised how slashy that thing was...
teylamina: slash breeds, i sweaer.
Eni is Confused: >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eni is Confused: You are SO ruining my childhood.
Eni is Confused: AGAIN!
teylamina: look, if it ruins mine first i have to inflict it on you. it's the law.
teylamina: hence the frelling tuba...
Eni is Confused: And, and, and, I did what exactly to deserve this special treatment!?
teylamina: not literally the frelling tuba. gah.
Eni is Confused: OH DEAR GOD./
teylamina: and, er... you were there.
teylamina: and, er, it's funny.
Eni is Confused: It's funny in the wanting to gouge one's own eyes out kinda way...
teylamina: best kind of funny...
teylamina: after the uncontrollable hysterical giggles type, anway.
Eni is Confused: Though, really, I'm kinda worried that, if I rewatch it, I'm gonna become more of an elephant/frog shipper.
teylamina: oh! randomly - check out izzles' journal and read her write-up of seeing derek acorah. it's funny.
Eni is Confused: Oooh, okie.
teylamina: did they even have a scene together??
Eni is Confused: No, but they had exactly the same mindset. If they'd ever met, it would be love at first... twisted twisted sight.
teylamina: and possibly more anatomically impossible than tuba/piccolo...
teylamina: doesn't bear thinking about...
teylamina: but i suppose it's no worse than donkey/dragon...
Eni is Confused: No, it really doesn't. Especially not now that I'm thinking of all the ways it's not anatomically impossible.
Eni is Confused: Yea, but that was CANON!
teylamina: LOL, true.
teylamina: "mutant babies!"
Eni is Confused: So, would tuba/piccolo babies be, like, those long pipe-like trumpets, then?
Eni is Confused: That people play at royal... thingies.
teylamina: i'm not even going to contemplate it...

Eni is Confused: Anyway. It is a glare that hath toppled many armies.
teylamina: who brought up the battle this time?
Eni is Confused: Uhm... it kinda invited itself. I just gave vent to its frustration, 'cause it was too small to reach the keyboard.
teylamina: aww!
Eni is Confused: ...which is probably why I had no problem toppling it with only a glare.
teylamina: mental image of a little battle forming a human pyramid trying to reach your desk and toppling just before it reaches the spacebar...
Eni is Confused: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!
teylamina: cursing like the goblins in labyrinth.
Eni is Confused: .............*didnotjustglancearoundandlookforit*
teylamina: *hysterics*
Eni is Confused: >.<
teylamina: betcha lifted your feet off the floor, too.
Eni is Confused: >.<!!!!!!!!!

Eni is Confused: ........sometimes I need to just not say words.
Eni is Confused: Or type them. Jeezus, I actually have the time and capacity to delete half this dren.
teylamina: but it wouldn't be half so entertaining.
Eni is Confused: Also true.
teylamina: and there'd be a whole lot less random.
Eni is Confused: Sorry, I've got a picture of the world, suddenly void of its major supplier of Random, becoming a chessboard.
Eni is Confused: I have no idea why.
teylamina: a spherical chessboard?
Eni is Confused: Yes! Like the checkered paint brush!
Eni is Confused: only spherical.
teylamina: someone needs to paint the world in checkerboard. seriously.
teylamina: the entire world has to be a gigantic chess set.
Eni is Confused: And all the people, merely rooks.
teylamina: pawns, surely?
Eni is Confused: Yea, but pawns are soooooo overdone.
teylamina: all the clerical/religious leaders get to be rooks.
teylamina: all the armies get to be knights.
Eni is Confused: Wouldn't they be bishops?
teylamina: i always get those mixed up.
Eni is Confused: The buildings would be rooks.
teylamina: yeah...
teylamina: nick would obviously be the queens.
Eni is Confused: HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eni is Confused: *was gonna say Priscilla, but that works too*
teylamina: all the randomly camp people in the whole world, then. :-)
Eni is Confused: LMAO. Lots of Queens.
Eni is Confused: ...wow, Chessworld isn't really so different to the real one.
teylamina: it's really not. how terrifying...
teylamina: i'm thinking it'd make a fantastic film...
Eni is Confused: I'd love to see how they'd actually get it to come about.
teylamina: post-apocalyptic world, wherein they try to create a chessboard society...
Eni is Confused: "Once upon a time, there was a man called Bob. He was bored, and went a big mad with a paintbrush..."
Eni is Confused: Ooooooooooooh...
teylamina: LOL. yours is better. :D
Eni is Confused: Yea, but yours is what could actually happen.
teylamina: they could enlist bob to paint the world. :-D
Eni is Confused: LOL!
Eni is Confused: So Bob would be getting paid to appease his boredom.
teylamina: everyone's happy, really. it's an all-win situation.
Eni is Confused: *was... just... typing... that...*
teylamina: we so have to stop doing that.
Eni is Confused: We SO do.
teylamina: the world is clearly not ready for both of us at once.
Eni is Confused: Just checking... in his big book thing... Nostradamus didn't schedule the end of the world for June '05?
teylamina: you never know...
Eni is Confused: Well, we will... in about two months.

Bravo to anyone who survived all of that.  It was hilarious at the time...  I swear, one day we will destroy the world.

So, today I have been in an insanely good mood.  The office has been nice and quiet and, aside from having the Distribution of Ultimate Death (6 kids...), I've even had very little work to do so spent the majority of my time mucking around on Inline...  There was surprisingly little mickey-taking on there, even though Jonathan/unprouncable-name-guy outright outed us in his MGM post... still confused a couple of people though, which is always fun.  Of course, the good mood was only elevated by my extreme nervousness about phoning Tor about the MHLive tickets... I went outside in my lunch break to do so and she was lovely...

Actually, the entire thing was disastrous, amusingly so.  I phoned up and said I'd have the four tickets (Steve and Kate can go so I've only got to sort out the other one) and she'd give my name and details to the ticket company and effectively bump me to the front of the queue.  So, five minutes after this call I remembered I hadn't given her my phone number, and had to call again.  An hour or so after that, there was a voicemail message from Tor on my mobile saying she'd lost my address and could I phone up to give it to her - I phoned up and she'd popped out, so I had to phone again, so now, hopefully, it'll all get sorted.

And then later I managed to cut Paul off on my mobile. Oops.

So, yes.  Randomness last night also helped with the good mood, though at the time I was in "I love eeeeveryone!" mode, as the Eni!snippet demonstrates...  However, I was in such a good mood I've gone the entire day with no caffeine, so by home time I was half-dead.  Ah, well.

Hee.  It didn't hit me til at least 12.30 that OMG I'M GOING TO MOST HAUNTED LIVE!!!  :D :D  Juuuust a tad excitable about that.  I've warned the office that I will be utterly unbearable for the next two weeks... possibly, this is not warning enough.  Seriously.  I was practically bouncing off the walls today.

In which case, I should probably stop typing... :)
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