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Random update.

My post for mosthauntedgeek will have to come a day late, as I left it at work.  And AOL's being a pain in the proverbial and won't load any pages... except, of course, it's an evil bastard of an ISP, so IE won't load any pages, either.  *kicks it*

Anyway.  Yesterday evening was mostly taken up with finding cinema listings (my God, there's nothing on at the moment; the only two watchable things seem to be The Interpreter - NicoleKidmanYay! - or Constantine... or possibly Valiant) and playing YIM!Pictionary with Eni, which was... entertaining.  I only really recall Zhaan vanquishing Scorpius with her Rainbow of Doom, but it was incredibly amusing nonetheless...

Today was.. blah.  I think I'm coming down with something as my throat's killing me and I can practically feel my sinuses filling with goop.  In fact, Paul and I spent a good fifteen posts or so complaining about the fact that we were both ill, though he seems somewhat the worse for wear...  Anyway, there was a meeting this morning with Owen about the impending inspection that's happening on 4th July, which eventually turned into a tirade from various Social Workers and Team Managers.  Cynthia and I were the only people from our team in attendance since nobody else had arrived, and it didn't really concern us that much anyway.

By the end of it I was about ready to collapse - we got there pretty much last and there were no seats/tables left to sit on so we had to stand, and I think I've discovered why the rest of the building's so damned cold - all the heat is apparently being pumped directly into CM4's office, the buggers...

So that was scintellating. Not.

Spent the rest of the day idly ambling through work, trying to avoid doing any distributions because I thought we'd run out of blue paper, though there is apparently now more in admin so it must've bred overnight.  I think I did about one actual set of minutes and then spent the rest of the day copying out old Strategy Meetings into the new template.  I think doing anything more cognitive would've resulted in my falling asleep, though.

Things got slightly more entertaining when Liz H reappeared from her CPRSMT (whatever it stands for) meeting, complete with a copy of the Children Act 2004... which she wanted three copies of so each of our Chairs had their own copy.  So that took another half an hour, after I'd copied each individual page and then sent it through the copier again to get it double-sided... I did manage to get rid of the insanely long single-sided version by giving it to the Social Worker who randomly requested a copy when she saw me doing it...  Of course, I got back upstairs and was told that the entire thing's available on the Internet anyway... >.<

Blaaah.  Need sleeeeep.
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