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Tonight's edition of Most Haunted has reminded me exactly why I went to all the trouble to send those flowers in the first place.  The hassle has been indescribably aggravating, from the sending to the letters to the obtaining of tickets for the show... and to see Yvette undergo a very similar experience (though possibly less traumatic given the pre-recorded nature of the weekly shows)  in an equally horrible/active location, I remembered why.

Not for the reward that was received as a gesture in kind... but for the fact that she deserves it.  Even if it's just a couple of scary stalker-type fans sending roses and gushy letters, she deserves it.  The entire crew deserve it.  They are doing an amazing thing with detriments to their own frelling sanity (and ours...) and it's about damn time someone told them so.

Would I go through all this stress and expense again, if I had to?

Hell, yes.
Tags: celebrities: yvette fielding, fandom: most haunted, notoriously bad ideas

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