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Something resembling an update.

This is the entry I was going to post yesterday but for not actually getting home til gone 1.00am *eyeroll*

This has been a fairly enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend, really. Saturday was energetic with moving of furniture and sorting of books (we now have an entire bookcase full of every single Discworld novel and a whole lot of Stephen King - if anyone hears me complain about being bored, kick me in the direction of said bookcase) and preparing to decorate the kitchen, including moving the piano and table to create more room in general.

Sunday I went to my father's and it was the same as usual...

Yesterday was brilliant. I went down to make breakfast to find the floor covered in wallpaper shavings as they were in the process of preparing to undercoat the wall. So I hastily went back upstairs to hide, and finally got around to copying The Woman in White for collie_wing (is it okay to send now?) and making a mix CD for Eni. I'll attempt to remember to send that this week along with Random Thing/s, and Katie's calendar/CD/letter. Was going to do that today and completely forgot...

About 12.00ish, Paul rang up to see if I wanted to go out that afternoon, which was fine by me as I had nothing else to do. So I made some lunch (in the living room...) and headed out to meet up at 4.30.

We wandered aimlessly into random pubs around Bennetts Hill/Colmore Row, including The Hill to enquire how much it would be to book the upstairs bit for the MGM on Friday. Stayed in there for a drink and then wandered next door to the Briar for some food...

...whereupon I happened to run into falling_softly, who was meeting up with his girlfriend Benita (? - I never did quite establish if that was right), flatline2010 and Denise, and frightened. Since I'd been planning a big meet-my-friends anyway, we decided to bite the bullet and join them...

A great time was had by all, at least as far as I could tell. Much drunken silliness ensued and the usual level of shouting, randomness and violence, with a healthy dose of Izzard quoting and a rather swirclical mention of fish nailed to crosses, henceforth known as crucifishion. I am possibly scarred for life by Derek gyrating. I had a fantastic quote-of-the-day from Paul from when he was apologising for his insane drunken flirting, even though I've forgotten it now... but I think Derek returning from the loo and exclaiming "Your boyfriend just jumped on me!" comes a close second...

Just about managed to catch the last bus home, anyway. The entire situation was bizarre and incredibly entertaining.

So, a fairly mediocre weekend became very very good indeed by Monday night. Yay for people getting along!

Yesterday involved going to Club HQ to see the Paddingtons with Paul, legs11 and Dave/LFNY, after getting briefly rained on earlier in the night.  The entire thing didn't end til at least 1.00am and we walked back to Colmore Row for taxis, but it was otherwise a pleasant evening.

This would've been more coherent if I were awake.

Oh, before I forget completely:

lone_gunwoman - the bus to London from Birmingham leaves at 11.30 so if you could get a train here for about 11.00 or 10.45 that would be good.  It costs a fiver and I'll book them in a few moments...  You can get a train to either Birmingham New Street or Birmingham Snow Hill (which is where it leaves from; it's only a short walk so it doesn't matter either way really) and I'll meet you at the station.  To that end: please could you email me:

~ your mobile phone number in case of emergencies/losing each other; I'll email you mine in a reply.
~ a photo of you or failing that a very accurate description. ;)
~ what time your train's getting in. :)

Address is my LJ username at yahoo dot co dot you-kay.  Also, the e-ticket advised that ID such as your passport might be helpful just to prove you're over 18, and in my case to prove I am who I say I am as the tickets are in my name.

We're meeting izzles and setting_sun in London outside the Victoria Apollo theatre at about 3.00, heading more off towards the centre to find sustenance before making the jaunt to Elstree for 5.30.  So, for all three of you: remember your ID, money, comfy shoes, and be warned I will be armed with a camera. :P  if izzles could also bring a map in case I forget, as we discussed, that would be very useful, too.  trainline.com told me that we had to go from St Pancras and the e-ticket says Kings Cross, but I'll double check that tomorrow...

Right.  I think that's everything.  I go collapse now...

PS: Happy Birthday to ennixeve, and also to last_dance - are you having a drunken get-together this Friday and if so, where?  I will be at the Hill (next door to the Briar) for the majority of that evening but I'll endeavour to pop into wherever you might be (*cough*theBriarplease*cough*) if I can...
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