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Yet Another Weekend of Gayness.

And a reminder that I must really go down Hurst Street more often, oh yes...

So, first things first.

On Friday, semi-newbie Inliner, Trillian, decided to randomly organise a meeting for drinks at the Flapper, so after some brief discussion we'd roped in a few Inliners and agreed to meet therein at 7.30.  And given it was lovely weather, I got to show off my mask tattoo. :)  Anyway, I arrived bang on 7.30 and nobody was around.  Trillian had described herself as "five foot with black hair", or thereabouts, which is pretty much the entire female clientelle of the Flapper... Jos arrived at about 7.45 and told me Geoff (Green_Tao) was outside waiting for people, so I joined him.  Others turned up later and sporadically: Paul and Luke, then Laura and her other half(I keep forgetting his name) and then, randomly, James Hill and his girlfriend and G-Dogg and Skunky, whose real name I don't remember...

Then we decamped to the Hill to join Tom, Richie and a few others for random drunken karaoke.  The high point of this was Richie falling quite spectacularly into the bar before being evicted from the premises, and deciding to hold a conversation with me because we'd never been formally introduced...  So, that was fun.  The only down side is that bloody Trillian didn't bloody well turn up.  Meh.  We'll be having words with her on Wednesday, I think...

I met up with Paul at 2.00ish for some random wandering/cheap Wetherspoons drinking, and didn't anticipate how random or expensive the night would then end up.  We knew the Pride parade would be parading at 6.00 from Victoria Square and had already decided to watch it for a bit, so at about 5.00ish we were sitting on the steps of Chamberlain Square watching everyone mingling before they assembled for the parade.  We ran into Lorna (frightened) dressed as a green fairy (shag-in-the-seaweed; it's explained on her journal...) and chatted a bit before heading off to have a drink before the parade started.  The plan, at this stage, was to watch it head off and then make our way down to the village and arrive before it.

As it transpired, we ended up following it all the way there, with a brief stop off in the Square Peg to go the loo.  We caught it up again just near the Bull Ring on Moor Street and followed it all the way to Hurst Street, also running into Sarra (translucent) along the way.  It turned out to be a good thing that we'd joined the parade (despite our blatant hetero-ness...) as Hurst Street was frelling packed and we would never have gotten anywhere near it otherwise...

We followed the parade right to the end and then met up with Lorna again and went off to the Wellington with some of her Uni friends.  At this stage I also acquired a rainbow bandana and wore it for the rest of the night, looking very much like a gay pirate...  We sat outside at the Welly until it got too cold, and then headed inside to the... clubby bit, finding an empty table and settling down.

Oh, Lorna - if that pic of me putting the bandana on is any good, can I have a scan, please? I want to make an icon out of it, or something...

Karaoke ensued.  Paul got chatting with a bloke who did two very good renditions of Touch-A Touch Me and Sweet Transvestite and ascertained that he's doing his own drag show on 25th June - everyone has to come, incidentally - to which he invited us.  He was apparently from Germany...  Lorna left at about 10.30 (I think...) as she had to go to work, which was rather a shame as she missed the highlight of the evening.  Paul, Sarra and I ended up staying there til about 1.00am in the end, watching the resident drag queens doing cabaret.

Dude.  Best thing ever.  The first one had an amazing voice, and the second one was just hilarious.

We also chatted to various amiable camp men, one of whom was also called Paul, and the other of whom was just randomly kissing people and being a tart.  Every single trip to the bar or to the loos - basically, any trip near the door - resulted in being partially molested.  There was a mad, drunken blonde woman trying to have a conversation, even though we couldn't hear a damn word she was saying.  The entire night was incredibly sporadic, but great fun.  I hereby decree that I shall do this more often.  Yes.

The journey back from Paul's this afternoon was also incredibly random.  Aside from the fact that the 11 only seems capable of being on time when there's no traffic (which is fair enough, but somewhat annoying), it turned out that the 258 doesn't have a frelling Sunday service (and also doesn't run past 6.00pm during the week; pointless idiotic bus service), and the next 128 wasn't for another hour.  So I wandered all the way back up Bearwood Road to get the 126, only to be informed that the next one of those wasn't for 45 minutes.  So I got the 9 to McDonalds (I honestly can't eat that stuff any more.  Gawd knows how I managed to eat so much of it at Uni.) and a 126 went past me.  As it turned out, they're every 20 minutes on a Sunday now, not every hour, so thank you, Bearwood bus stop, for being a lying bitca and making me spend money I didn't have to.

It's quite tempting to have a nap, now, but I won't.

With any luck we'll be having a barbecue tomorrow, and then copious DVD-watching on Tuesday...

That date again:

25th June, at some time in the evening, at the Wellington - random German drag queen.  Apparently he does the usual sorts of stuff, but actually sings instead of miming.  Should be a good night. Be there!

Edit: Holy crap, there were a lot of 'randoms' in that entry. The situation has now been rectified...
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