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Well, it's a start.

Today I had supervision, which I'd forgotten entirely about.  It was just as well, actually, because I got a few things off my chest therein.

1) Permanency of job.  Next thing they need to sort is the medical check - er, could they not have done that while they were waiting for the CRB to clear?  Meh.
2) Complained about Sandra, in that she shoots down my suggestions and acts like the most senior member of staff, despite the fact me and Cynthia have both been around longer than her.  So I complained, mostly because being talked down to like I'm a small child with stupid ideas makes me feel like crap at the best of times, and it's not good for the working environment.  And as it turns out, Cynthia complained about her, too, which is a relief.  Tina said she'll be monitoring the situation, but she doesn't want to say anything to Sandra at the moment because we're all stressed about the impending inspection and the changes being made with Chairs' diaries, but if it gets any worse I just have to email her to let her know.  Which is nice.  Having a friendly line manager makes all the difference.
3) Also said I couldn't go to the CP training day thingummy on Wednesday as I have a doctor's appointment (which I haven't made yet, but you know...), and chatted out health issues with her as well, or at least the tiredness issue.

So it was slightly cathartic, at least.

Inline was sucky today.  That is all.
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