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Whaddaya mean, 'dork'?!

I wuz tagged by collie_wing to do this, so I should probably oblige.

Post 5 reasons why you are such a dork, then tag 5 of the dorkiest people on your list to explain themselves.

1. I can learn the lyrics to stuff like *snaps fingers* that.  Whether it's a new album or a musical soundtrack, I will have learnt the lyrics - either through repeated listenings or by studying the libretto/lyrics booklet - within a week, a month at most depending on the rate of listening.  And once I've learnt them, they never go away, except after a very, very long time.  I can still remember bits of school hymns from when I was 7.  And if that wasn't enough, when I've finished learning the lyrics, I learn all the harmonies and instrumentals, too.

2. Until very recently, I was engaged in a comment-tennis with thefleshfailure on her DeadJournal, which reached a grand total of 1276 comments.  We invented a frightening amount of words that shouldn't, by rights, exist, and are still using them.  The tennis will one day continue and be studied by scholars as a perfect example of online culture... or something.

3. I sent flowers to the presenter and producer of Most Haunted like a true fangirl and was invited to the live show in return.  I dragged three LJ friends along with me, one of whom I'd never met, and the other two of whom I'd only met once.  I've sent other things to minor celebrities before with equally decent results, and have not yet learnt from these experiences that they are Stressful and Upsetting when they inevitably go wrong...

4. I have had long and philosophical debates about [insert fandom here], mostly on message boards. I've also written three - not one, three - insanely long LJ posts about my fandom's various 'ships. At midnight.

5. I find Voltaire's Star Trek parodies absolutely hilarious.

I tag: frightened, mercurycirce, thefleshfailure, flatline2010 and izzles, as they are by far the dorkiest people I know.  Others can also take part if they want to. :)

I'm sure there are more reasons why I'm a dork, but those were the first that came to mind...
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