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The ongoing battle.

But before that, a meme, stolen from jackiesjottings and currahee.

List ten things that make you happy, and then tag five friends.

(In no particular order...)
1. Listening to a new CD and discovering one track that makes you sit up and go "Whoa..."
2. Watching beautifully directed films at the cinema and drowning in sensory overload.
3. Going to the theatre, and the sound of the orchestra tuning up before the dimming of the lights.
4. yoshi
5. Waking up naturally, early enough not to have lost a whole day, when there's sunlight streaming through the window.
6. Fresh bread, fresh butter, fresh tuna+mayonnaise, combined.  (Or any other comfort food.)
7. Roast dinners.
8. Fandom - including fanfic and fellow fanpeople.
9. Friends.
10. Having time to write.

I won't tag - do it if you want to.

So, yes, the ongoing battle against Sandra continued today.  I got in at about 10.00ish (see? I had someone staying over and managed to get in before 1.30pm...) to find eight files dumped on my desk.  These were eight cases that had transferred to us from Small Heath, which someone had brought up from reception yesterday and which I had directed to be put on Sandra's desk to deal with, as it's in her job description, not mine.  It's not a complicated process.  You tear off the bottom half of the transfer sheet, date it, and then check that the next conference has been booked into a Chair's diary, and if not... you have a problem. Then you put it in the transfer book to say it's arrived and put the other half of the transfer slip into the plastic wallet.

That's beside the point.

If this carries on for the rest of the week I'm raising it with Tina in supervision on Tuesday.  Yes, okay, she has to do all the minuting of conferences by herself for two weeks, but she's done three this week and as far as I remember, she'd got through her backlog a while ago so she can't use that as an excuse.

I am not impressed, to say the least. 'Sharing' the admin rota, my arse.
Tags: memes, sandra-gate, work: child protection
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