T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

oh dear god....

my muse was quite vehement about this. i had to write a poem, even though it's the one thing i can't frelling write. but would erik listen? no. i present, for your reading pleasure (or not), a poem.

i know it's terrible. i am not responsible. he is. *looks upwards contemptuously at erik*

No Man’s Land

Look and feel but never touch.
You’ll experience just as much...

The sky so dark
And the cold air stark
With ice in every breath intaken.
Tiny stars bright,
Pinpricks of light,
And pure white snow on the ground unshaken..

Listen, closely, far and near:
All the sounds you’ll never hear…

Grasses blowing,
Water flowing,
Over the fields so far from view.
A lone wolf’s growl,
A feral howl,
And snuffling of the beasts that seek you.

Sense your world and all its dwellers
In lofty trees or mildewed cellars,

On stack-hay floors,
Through beaten doors,
In a place no longer so grand.
There’s nothing to do.
Just dream your way through
And visit us here - No Man’s Land.

i'm sorry. really. so sorry...
Tags: writing: original
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