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Oh-em-gee!  An entry of consequence!

LJ Interests meme results

  1. big flares:
    Ah, yes, big flares.  They never fail to be slimming, and they look teH cool.  The best kind are the ones that are actually flared, rather than wide all the way down - bell-bottoms, if you will - although I like the wide-and-slightly-wider-at-the-bottom type as well.  Best made of corduroy, obviously. :)
  2. commas:
    I am a great advocate of the humble comma.  It's possibly one of my favourite bits of punctuation, purely because it's so useful, and the positioning of it can change the entire meaning of a sentence.  Marvellous.
  3. erik/christine:
    POTOTP!  Or something.  Erik/Chrisine is one of my ongoing uber-ships, and even turned up in my "Being A Shipper" post at one point.  It's angsty and gorgeous and beautiful.  One of my favourites...
  4. johnny depp:
    Do I even need to justify this?  The man is a genius.  And he's pretty to boot.
  5. mhotp!:
    *ahem*  Possibly my favourite aspect of the Most Haunted fandom, as it took RP-shipping (something I detest with a vengeance) to an entirely new level and made it amusing.  The MHOTP! has since grown into its own community (_mhotp_) and evolved beyond the shipping into scary, horrifying territory in the form of MHOT3 and MHOT5.  Terrifying.
  6. old factories:
    Old buildings in general, really, but this refers specifically to The Factory in Derby (which, it transpires, was originally the tram station, which explains the multipe doors.)  There's something vastly, desolately beautiful about old, abandoned buildings, and I really need to find some more and take some pictures...
  7. red dwarf:
    One of my very first obsessions, from about the age of 11 to 14 (whereupon I discovered The X-Files) - and still one that I can quote randomly.  I knew a frankly quite scary amount about this at one point, but, as with most things, the knowledge has dwindled to a sane level over the years.
  8. spuffy:
    Spuffy - Buffy/Spike - is my Buffy 'ship of choice.  Another of my favourites.  Again, this was explained in the Being A Shipper post.
  9. the nightmare before christmas:
    Definitely one of Tim Burton's best pieces of work.  I saw this at the cinema when it first opened.  I was 12 years old, and at the time they not only showed Vincent as the pre-movie animation, but the film itself contained a scene that both my mother and I remember and which has since vanished completely... although, bizarrely, it's still on the soundtrack.  It's from the "Making Christmas" sequence, and involves the Behemoth packing a severed head (seen later in the film as the first gift to be delivered), which sings before it goes into the box.  I remember it quite clearly; it's in the libretto, too.  It makes no sense for it not to be there because it explains where that present comes from, as do the rest of the present sequences in the scene... but anyway, I digress.  NBC is a wonderful piece of film-making, and every time I watch it I can find something new.  Ther merchandise is also wonderful, which make a change...
  10. wispology:
    I explained this already in the other interests meme.  The science of Wispology is based purely theoretically around the idea that Farscape's Captain Bialar Crais' hair becomes gradually more frizzy and uncontrollable the more irate he gets.  Rather like the Spike-shirt/sex correlation theory, only more amusing...

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your  interest list.

I'm sure there was another meme somewhere this morning on an Inliner's LJ (it was orange on my f-list) but it seems to have disappeared and I feel like I've lost a few brain cells as a result.  Meh.

My room is now slightly tidier.  The clothes are put away, and the floor is somewhat clearer.  I was just about to rearrange the CDs a bit to try and fit the cassettes in the top unit, when the bottom one (there're three) made an ominous creaking noise and jerked in a downwards direction.  The screw's basically turning in the wall, so that's going to need re-fitting.  That's what you get when you try to attach things to walls that're made of cardboard.

I have a bit of peeling skin on my thumb and it really hurts when I type. :(

But yes, I can now see the floor.  Not organised by a long-shot, but my back has been aching since we first put the new furniture in and has only just subsided properly this week (stupid body) so I've been rather disinclined to do anything.

On the plus side, I've been taking Valerian root capsules in lieu of suspicious sleeping pills, and the effect has been quite positive. They don't knock me out, per se, but I'm mostly so tired they don't need to... but I'm waking up a lot more alert.  Depending on the amount of sleep I get, I've even been hyperactive some mornings (hyperactivity is a side-effect of my being lack-of-sleep tired, unfortunately, which I think is purely my brain's way of staying awake for the day).  I'm still tired of a morning, but not to the same extent.  I can actually function as a human being without feeling half-dead.  In short, this is dealable.  I need to try St John's Wort, though, as that's an anti-depressant as well.

This weekend will be hectic:

~ Tomorrow I'm going to the Barton Arms for Mr Capone's birthday, then possibly on to the Hill.
~ Saturday, I'm being dragged out to Jimmy Spices (again!  Was there yesterday for the meal!) to meet Paul's friend, Belvinder, and then possibly on to the Capones gig at the Bear, depending on the time.
~ Sunday, my grandmother is coming for lunch, where she will probably - once more - flirt shamelessly with my boyfriend. ;)

I'm feeling oddly and uncharacteristically positive.

I blame the Valerian.
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