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Quick update.

Just about to eat dinner...

This weekend has mostly been about:

~ watching series 1 of Carnivale, which is very very good indeed.  Up to episode seven so far and still thoroughly confused, so I'm hoping the various plot points will, well, come to a point.  Highly recommended viewing.  Dark, disturbing, and brilliant.
~ lounging around doing very little
~ shouting at Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh on X-Factor for being complete idiots when choosing their final four acts.  Talentless hacks, the pair of them.  Mind you, according to Ant and Dec's Gameshow Marathon, Mr Cowell was responsible for Zig and Zag, so it's hardly surprising.  I want Sharon to win; she's got the best acts, Chico aside, and he was her only bad choice.
~ drinking wine
~ waiting for buses
~ cooking Bizarre and Wonderful Creations with pork and/or bread
~ sleeping

And that's about it, or so I am reliably informed.


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