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Before anything: Piece By Piece is looking up to be as good as, if not better, than Call Off the Search, but I'm only up to track 2 at the moment...

Weekend update:

Friday: Mrs Brown's Last Wedding was frelling hilarious.  About 25% of it was completely adlibbed by the lead and author, who plays Mrs Brown, and he had most of his cast corpsing and lost for words on many an occasion, as well as the entire audience.  The highlights were probably when he walked into the set (head first), decided randomly to twist the nipples of two of his male cast members, and the "blow job" joke, which went something like this.  Mrs Brown quotes a joke from one of her son's dirty magazines (having found them under his bed), something like "I feel like a prostitute on a bad day: all dressed up and no-one to blow", then asks what a blow job is, the answer to which is "about twenty quid"... she then later proceeds to offer 'extra blow jobs' to the plumber and his mates...

It did result in random hilarity in the curry house later when discussing who'd pay, as David annouced, "I think I have a blow job in my pocket"... honestly, it's just not something you want to hear at the dinner table. :P

A fry/George-Foreman-grill up in the morning, followed by watching Catchphrase (horrible stupid new ones) and me losing horribly.  We left at 4.00 to amble down to Aisha's house so she could drive us to Harborne for the meal.  As it transpired, it was just me, Paul, Aisha and three of her Uni friends... all pleasant enough but frighteningly med-studenty...  The pizza was gorgeous, though.

We left at 6.30 to get to town to meet marz109 for her birthday celebrations, running into darkstar_1984 at the same time.  The night was fairly slow and attendees included temper!Paul, lucretia and her OH, Max, as well as broken_sticks, Kiwi and Abi's mate.  We went to the Gallows towards the end of the night until closing time, then everyone else decamped to Eddies No. 8 (next door) whilst we went home.

Nothing.  Watching stuff.  We finished watching Disney's Aladdin, which took three days due to watching it in bed and falling asleep... also The Stepford Wives, which was brilliant.  Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken.  Duuuude.  Also contained this brilliant and probably unintentional in-joke: towards the end, when it's revealed that Glenn's character (Clare) is behind it all and her husband, Mike, is a robot, Mike has been decapitated and Clare kisses the detached head.  In Sunset Blvd., Norma's screenplay is for Salome, wherein there's a scene where Salome kisses the decapitated head of John the Baptist... and obviously, Glenn Close was Norma in the APR of the soundtrack.  Clever, if it's intentional.  I also loved it when Kidman's character asked "Is that why the women are so slow?" when it turns out one of the husbands works for AOL...  I don't know why so many people didn't like it.  Also, the more I see Glenn Close, the more she terrifies me, and the more I know she'll be perfect when they get their arses into gear and make this damned Sunset Blvd. movie-musical... even though I think Ewan McGregor as Joe is a huge mistake.  But anyway.  *cheerleads for Glenn!Norma*

We ate and did more nothing, watched Red Dwarf series 7 (Extended Versions of three episodes) and complained that post-series 6 it was just trying to take itself too seriously as science fiction instead of laughing at itself... but on the plus side, the video has the entire Arnold Rimmer song at the end. :D  We also watched The Worst Witch (OMG so 80s) and didn't have time to watch Interview with the Vampire...

I'm taking Into the Labyrinth (both videos) to Paul's on Wednesday as it's been ages since I watched it, and, dude, it's got Ron Moody in it!


Today I was Hellish tired and eventually had to make some coffee just to give myself a caffeine boost.. luckily, I drink coffee so rarely it doesn't take much to pep me up again and the following two-ish hours passed relatively quickly.

I have Achieved SomethingTM  in putting my uber-camp purple fluffy fairy lights around my wardrobe TV unit.  Looks cool. :)

I'm now up to track 7, Blue Shoes, of the album, and, while it's probably too early to be reviewing, if I don't do it now the thoughts'll fall out of my brain.  Compared to the first one, it's very similar in style, with the tracks mostly written by Mike Batt or Katie herself, and a version of Blues In The Night.  But other than that, it seems a lot more mature and a little darker and more bluesy, with less of a 'pop' sound as the first one.  I think she's found her feet a bit more and is pushing the genre a little further.  Nine Milllion Bicycles (in Beijing, if you were wondering...) is very stylised with Oriental-sounding backing music and oddly bouncy.

Me likes, basically.  This may be forming another batch of Christmas presents. ;)

I'm pondering, when I've starte re-watching every single episode of The X-Files (nearly 200, by my estimation), whether I should review them or put some thoughts on LJ, as I'll be coming at them from a more subjective, mature point of view... and I should probably filter them so non-interested parties can ignore them.  So if you want to be added to my soon-to-be-created X-Filter (oh, dear), let me know...
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